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Paper: Photometry of the novalike variable LQ Peg
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 539
Authors: Schmidtke, P. C.; Ciudin, G. A.; Indlekofer, U. R.; Johnson, D. R.; Fried, R. E.; Honeycutt, R. K.
Abstract: LQ Peg, a novalike variable of the VY Scl subclass, entered a deep fading episode in mid-1999. Long-term photometric observations show the system dimmed from V=14.6 to V=17.0. Time-series photometry was then obtained on eight nights in 1999--2000, during the star's return to normal brightness. Considerable flickering was present on all nights, but no coherent orbital modulation was found. As the system brightened, the amount of flickering declined in magnitude units but remained constant when expressed in absolute flux density.
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