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Paper: Disk outflows; radiation or hydromagnetic driving?
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 308
Authors: Murray, N.
Abstract: I review the evidence for outflows in binaries containing white dwarfs, as well as estimates for mass accretion and mass loss rates. I then discuss the physical mechanisms proposed to power the outflows, concentrating on line driving and magnetic (centrifugal) driving. In the simplest realizations, line driven winds have mass loss rates that scale with the luminosity of the system, while magnetically driven winds do not (in gas pressure supported disks). Another distinguishing feature is that magnetically driven winds tend to have ratios of azimuthal to radial velocity that are significantly higher than line driven winds, which tend to conserve the specific angular momentum of the outflowing gas. The case for line driven winds is particularly strong for supersoft sources, where the accretion luminosity is a small fraction of the total luminosity. I calculate the mass loss rate for RX J0513 and find dot Mw ≅8 times 1017 g/s (assuming the wind covers the sky). The momentum flux in the wind is similar to that in the radiation field, dot Mw vinfinity ≅ L/c, consistent with line driving.
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