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Paper: VSOP Observations of the EGRET Blazar 1633+382
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 80
Authors: Cheung, C.C.; Ulvestad, J.S.; Vestrand, W.T.; Stacy J.G.
Abstract: The quasar 1633+382 shows a γ-ray bright blazar nucleus (Mattox et al. 1993) with a compact mm-VLBI core whose measured brightness temperature is near the inverse-Compton limit (Krichbaum et al. 2002). Early VLBI observations showed a superluminal pc-scale jet (Barthel et al. 1995) embedded in an unresolved arcsecond-scale core straddled by two faint north-south lobes ~14″ in total extent (Murphy, Browne, & Perley 1993). Recent VLBA observations (e.g., Fey & Charlot 1997; Jorstad et al. 2001) reveal a predominantly E-W core-jet structure, and a faint extension to the NW which aligns best with the direction of the emission in which the original superluminal motion was tracked.
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