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Paper: Parsec-Scale Circular Polarization Measurements of BL Lac Objects
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 180
Authors: Gabuzda, D.C.; Vitrishchak, V.M.
Abstract: We are in the process of performing a circular polarization analysis of 2, 4, and 6 cm VLBA data for a complete sample of 34 1 Jy Northern BL Lac objects based on the method developed by Homan & Wardle (1999). We present here our results to date, for about 70% of the sample. We have detected circular polarization in the core regions of about 20% of these sources at 2 cm and 6 cm. A somewhat higher fraction of sources display detectable circular polarization at 4 cm, ≈ 35%. The degrees of circular polarization are similar to those detected for compact AGN in previous studies, with typical values of a few tenths of percent.
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