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Paper: High Redshift QSOs in the UKIDSS Large Area Survey
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 43
Authors: Venemans, B.P.
Abstract: In this proceeding, I will present the first results on our ongoing search for z≥6 quasars in the UKIDSS Large Area Survey (LAS). The unique infrared sky coverage of the LAS combined with SDSS i and z observations allows us to efficiently search for high redshift quasars with minimal contamination from foreground objects, e.g. galactic cool stars. Analysis of 106 deg2 of sky from UKIDSS Data Release 1 (DR1) has resulted in the discovery of ULAS J020332.38+001229.2, a luminous (JAB = 20.0, M1450 = −26.2) quasar at z = 5.86. The quasar is not present in the SDSS DR5 catalogue and the continuum spectral index of α=-1.4 (Fννα) is redder than a composite of SDSS quasars at similar redshifts (α=-0.5). Although it is difficult to draw any strong conclusions regarding the space density of quasars from one object, the discovery of this quasar in ~100 deg2 in a complete sample within our selection criteria down to a median depth of YAB = 20.4 (7σM) is consistent with existing SDSS results. Finally, I will present the expected number density of high redshift z > 6.5 quasars using future infrared surveys with VISTA.
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