Title: Cosmic Frontiers
Volume: 379 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Metcalfe, Nigel; Shanks, Tom
These proceedings of an international conference held during July-August 2006 in Durham, UK, provide a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of recent observational breakthroughs from the present generation of astronomical surveys and what they imply for theories of galaxy formation and cosmology. Starting in the early Universe with the observations of the microwave background, the evidence for the standard cosmological model provided by the WMAP satellite is reviewed. It is the exquisite balance between the impressive fit to the microwave background temperature fluctuations provided by the standard model and its requirements for finely-tuned ‘dark energy’ and a still undetected Cold Dark Matter particle that makes this such an exciting moment in cosmology.

Other pieces of evidence for the standard model are also reviews these include the form of large-scale galaxy clustering from the extensive 2dF and SDSS surveys and also the Type Ia supernova Hubble diagram, all of which involved heroic astronomical efforts in surveying the sky.

The conference then looks at the deeper surveys, now aimed at understanding the processes of galaxy formation and evolution. Here there appears to be considerably less support for the standard model. In particular, massive early-type galaxies appear to be old and also to have been in place at high redshifts. This evolutionary behavior does not arise naturally from the standard model and the proceedings review ways of reconciling such observations with theory.

Thus the 15 invited reviews, 29 contributed talks, and 39 poster papers combine to provide a state-of-the-art snapshot of the observational questions set by survey astronomy for theories of cosmology and galaxy formation. The book is suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in both theoretical and observational aspects of survey astronomy, galaxy formation and cosmology.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 379 Cover Metcalfe, N.; Shanks, T.
Front Matter   
Volume 379 Front Matter 1 Metcalfe, N.; Shanks, T.
Conference Photo   
Volume 379 Conference Photograph 2 Metcalfe, N.; Shanks, T.
Part 1.
Cosmic Microwave Background
Primordial Initial Conditions from WMAP Temperature and Polarization CMB Observations 3 Bean, R.
Cosmological Parameters 2006 8 Sanchez, A.G.; Baugh, C.M.
The Halo Mass Function into the Dark Ages 12 Reed, D.S.; Bower, R.; Frenk, C.S.; Jenkins, A.; Theuns, T.
Cosmic Microwave Background Challenges to the Standard Model 16 Hansen, F.K.; Eriksen, H.K.; Banday, A.J.; Gorski, K.M.; Lilje, P.B.
Our CMB motion: The Role of the Local Void 24 Tully, R.B.
Part 2.
Cosmic Dawn
The Highest Redshift Quasars: Early Black Hole Growth and the End of Reionization Epoch 35 Fan, X.
High Redshift QSOs in the UKIDSS Large Area Survey 43 Venemans, B.P.
Exploring the Cosmic Dawn with Subaru Telescope 47 Ouchi, M.; Tokoku, C.; Shimasaku, K.; Ichikawa, T.
Part 3.
Large Scale Structure
The Galaxy Power Spectrum: 2dFGRS-SDSS Tension? 57 Cole, S.; Sanchez, A.G.; Wilkins, S.
The 2dF-SDSS LRG and QSO (2SLAQ) Survey: LRG Clustering and Redshift-Space Distortions 68 Ross, N.P.; Shanks, T.; Cruz da Angela, J.; the 2SLAQ Collaboration
The WiggleZ Project: AAOmega and Dark Energy 72 Glazebrook, K.; Blake, C.; Couch, W.; Forbes, D.; Drinkwater, M.; Jurek, R.; Pimbblet, K.; Madore, B.; Martin, C.; Small, T.; Forster, K.; Colless, M.; Sharp, R.; Croom, S.; Woods, D.; Pracy, M.; Gilbank, D.; Yee, H.; Gladders, M.
Part 4.
Dark Energy
Dark Energy 83 Peebles, P.J.E.
Dark Lessons from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 89 Nichol, R.
ACS Studies of Clusters and Superclusters of Galaxies 99 Blakeslee, J.P.
The Red-Sequence Cluster Surveys 103 Yee, H.K.C.; Gladders, M.D.; Gilbank, D.G.; Majumdar, S.; Hoekstra, H.; Ellingson, E.; the RCS-2 Collaboration
Part 5. Galaxy Formation and Evolution   
The Coordinated Growth of Stars, Haloes and Large-Scale Structure since z=1 109 Balaogh, M. L.
Age-Dating the Red Sequence in Low-Redshift Clusters 117 Lucey, J.R.; Smith, R.J.; Hudson, M.J.; Nelan, J.E.; Wegner, G.A.
Identification and Morphologies of Galaxies with Old Stellar Populations at z ∼ 2.5 122 Stockton, A.; McGrath, E.
Luminosity and Stellar Mass Functions from the 6dF Galaxy Survey 126 Colless, M.; Jones, D.H.; Peterson, B.A.; Campbell, L.; Saunders, W.; Lah, P.
Witnessing the Assembly of Present-Day Galaxies 130 Meisenheimer, K.; Bell E.F.; the COMBO-17/GEMS team
The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey: Clustering and the Role of Environment in Galaxy Evolution 138 Le Fevre, O.; Cucciati, O.; Guzzo, L.; Ilbert, O.; Iovino, A.; Marinoni, C.; Meneux, B.; Paltani, S.; Pollo, A.; Bottini, D.; Garilli, B.; Le Brun, V.; Maccagni, D.; Picat, J.P.; Scaramella, R.; Scodeggio, M.; Tresse, L.; Vettolani, G.; Zanichelli, A.; Adami, C.; Arnaboldi, M.; Arnouts, S.; Bardelli, S.; Bolzonella, M.; Cappi, A.; Charlot, S.; Ciliegi, P.; Contini, T.; Foucaud, S.; Franzetti, P.; Gavignaud, I.; McCracken, H.J.; Marano, B.; Mazure, A.; Merighi, R.; Pello, R.; Pozzetti, L.; Radovich, M.; Zamorani, G.; Zucca, E.; Bondi, M.; Bongiorno, A.; Busarello, G.; de la Torre, S.; Gregorini, L.; Lamareille, F.; Mathez, G.; Mellier, Y.; Merluzzi, P.; Ripepi, V.; Rizzo, D.
Suppressed Star Formation in Massive z ∼ 2.3 Galaxies 146 Kriek, M.; van Dokkum, P.; Franx, M.
The Spitzer View of Galaxy Evolution 151 Rowan-Robinson, M.
Statistical Studies on the Visible and Hidden Star Formation in the Universe 159 Takeuchi, T.T.; Buat, V.; Burgarella, D.; Iglesias-Paramo, J.
First Results from the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey 163 Almaini, O.; Foucaud, S.; Lane, K.; Conselice, C.J.; McLure, R.J.; Cirasuolo, M.; Dunlop, J.S.; Smail, I.; Simpson, C.
Part 6.
AGN Evolution
Exploring the Evolutionary Status of z≈2 SCUBA Galaxies Hosting Active Galactic Nuclei 169 Alexander, D.M.
The Connection between Black Hole Mass and Dark Matter Halo Mass from 2QZ 177 Croom, S.; Fine, S.; Miller, L.; Babic, A.
A Rich Bounty of AGN in the 9 deg2 Bootes Survey: High-z Obscured AGN and Large-Scale Structure 181 Hickox, R.C.; Jones, C.; Forman, W.R.; Murray, S.S.; Kenter, A.; Brodwin M.; the Xbootes Team; the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey Team; the Spitzer IRAC Shallow Survey Team; the AGES Team
No color-morphology Bimodality of AGN Host Galaxies 185 Boehm, A.; Wisotzki, L.; the GEMS team
2SLAQ QSO Clustering and the L-z Degeneracy 189 Cruz da Angela, J.; Shanks, T.; Croom, S.M.; the 2SLAQ collaboration
Observational Links between AGN Evolution and Galaxy Growth 194 Miller, L.
Proto-Clusters with Evolved Populations around Radio Galaxies at 2 < z < 3 202 Kodama, T.; Tanaka, M.; Tanaka, I.; Kajisawa, M.
The Environmental Dependencies of Star-Formation and the Origin of the Bimodality in Galaxy Properties 206 Haines, C.P.; Gargiulo, A.; Mercurio, A.; Merluzzi, P.; La Barbera, F.; Busarello, G.; Capaccioli, M.
Part 7.
Feedback and Environment
Radio-Loud AGN Feedback in Elliptical Galaxies 213 Best, P.N.
The Star Formation Law in High-Redshift Damped Lyα Systems 217 Wolfe, A.M.
Cosmic Ray Feedback in Hydrodynamical Simulations of Galaxy and Galaxy Cluster Formation 221 Pfrommer, C.; Springel, V.; Jubelgas, M.; Ensslin, T.A.
Resolved Spectroscopy of a Gravitationally Lensed L* Lyman Break Galaxy at z ∼ 5: Evidence for a Starburst-Driven, Galactic-Scale Bi-Polar Outflow 226 Swinbank, M.
Constraining Feedback in Galaxy Formation: Using Galaxy and AGN Surveys to Shed Light on “Gastrophysics” 231 Monaco, P.
The Transverse Proximity Effect in Spectral Hardness 235 Worseck, G.; Wisotzki, L.
Mass and the Morphology-Density Relation 239 Holden, B.; Kelson, D.
Reflections of Cluster Assembly in the Stellar Populations and Dynamics of Member Galaxies 243 Moran, S.M.; Ellis, R.S.; Treu, T.; Smith, G.P.
Part 8.
Galaxy Evolution and Environment
Galaxy Evolution and Environment 249 van Dokkum, P.; Quadri, R.
How ‘Heredity’ and ‘Environment’ Shape Galaxy Properties 257 De Lucia, G.
STAGES: Environmental Drivers of Galaxy Evolution 265 Gray, M.; the STAGES collaboration
Part 9.
Searching for Obscured AGN at High-z: Infrared Power Law Galaxies 271 Alonso-Herrero, A.
Coevolution of Dark Matter Halos and Black Holes 273 Babic, A.; Miller, L.; Percival, W.; Croom, S.
Environments of Galaxies: Stellar Mass and Color Dependence 276 Baldry, I.K.
The Evolution of Disk Galaxies since z = 1 278 Boehm, A.; Ziegler, B.L.
Galaxies in the First Billion Years: Implications for Reionization and the Star Formation History at z > 6 280 Bunker, A.J.; Eyles, L.P.; Chiu, K.; Stanway, E.R.; Ellis, R.S.; Stark, D.P.; McMahon, R.G.; Lacy, M.
Evidence for Dark Energy: Cross-Correlating SDSS5 with WMAP3 283 Cabre, A.; Gaztanaga, E.; Manera, M.; Fosalba, P.; Castander, F.
Simulating the Dark Energy Survey 285 Castander, F.J.; the Dark Energy Survey Collaboration
Statistical Properties of Voids 287 Ceccarelli, L.; Valotto, C.; Lambas, D.G.; Padilla, N.
Mid-IR Spectroscopy of High-z SMGs: First Results 290 Menendez-Delmestre, K.; Blain, A.W.; Alexander, D.M.; Smail, I.; Armus, L.; Chapman, S.C.; Frayer, D.; Ivison, R.J.; Teplitz, H.
A Large Spectroscopic Survey of z>5 Galaxies 292 Douglas, L.; Bremer, M.; Lehnert, M.
Color Bimodality in Galaxy Clusters since z ~ 0.9 294 Ellingson, E.; Loh, Y.S.; Yee, H.K.C.; Gilbank, D.G.; Gladders, M.D.; Barrientos, F.
What if the Dark Energy is from the End of Inflation? 296 Fong, R.
Strong Lensing Clusters in the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 2 298 Gilbank, D.G.; Gladders, M.D.; Yee, H.K.C.; the RCS-2 Collaboration
Detecting the Transverse Proximity Effect: Radiative Feedback from QSOs 300 Goncalves, T.S.; Steidel, C.C.
Can We Find Early-Type Galaxies with a Bluer Core Today? 302 Gonzalez-Perez, V.; Castander, F.J.; Kauffmann, G.
Infrared Imaging of SDSS Quasars: Implications for Quasar Evolution 304 Kennefick, J.; Bursick, S.
Obscured Star Formation in Distant Red Galaxies – 850μm Detection 306 Knudsen, K.K.; van der Werf, P.; Franx, M.; Foerster Schreiber, N.M.; van Dokkum, P.G.; Illingworth, G.D.; Labbe, I.; Moorwood, A.; Rix, H.-W.; Rudnick, G.
The Stellar Population of Lyα Emitting Galaxies at z ~ 5.7 309 Lai, K.; Huang, J.-S.; Fazio, G.; Cowie, L.L.; Hu, E.M.; Kakazu, Y.
Evolution of the X-ray Luminosity Function of MACS Clusters 312 Ma, C.-J.; Ebeling, H.
A Guide for Primordial Star Hunters 314 Martel, H.; Brook, C.; Kawata, D.; Gibson, B.; Scannapieco, E.
Lyα Blobs at z = 3.1 316 Matsuda, Y.
Clustering Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies from the VVDS/GALEX Survey 318 Meneux, B.; Heinis, S.; Le Fevre, O.; Milliard, B.; Guzzo, L.; Arnouts, S.; Pollo, A.; the VVDS/GALEX team
VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey: Galaxy Structures in the Wide Sample 320 Meneux, B.; Garilli, B.; Maccagni, D.; Guzzo, L.; Pollo, A.; Le Fevre, O.; the VVDS team
Impact of QSO Lensing on WMAP Results 322 Mountrichas, G.; Shanks, T.
Ultra Compact Dwarfs: Further Results 325 Phillipps, S.
A Hole in the Sky – The Dependence of the Galaxy Luminosity Function on the Environment 327 Phleps, S.; Wolf, C.; Peacock, J.A.; Meisenheimer, K.; van Kampen, E.
Anisotropic Outflows and Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium 330 Pieri, M.M.; Martel, H.; Grenon, C.
The VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey: Dependence of Galaxy Clustering on Luminosity 332 Pollo, A.; Guzzo, L.; Le Fevre, O.; Meneux, B.; the VVDS team
Measuring the High Redshift Space Density of FRI Radio Galaxies 334 Rigby, E.; Best, P.; Snellen, I.
Halo Dependent Properties of Groups 336 Robotham, A.
New Constraints on Dark Matter Substructure from Weak Gravitational Flexion 338 Rowe, B.; Bacon, D.; Heymans, C.; Taylor, A.; Massey, R.; Barden, M.; Caldwell, J.A.R.
Scientists “too busy” for Pupils: What Lesson is there for Physicists? 341 Sathe, D.V.
Observing the Evolution of Disk Galaxies 344 Tamm, A.; Tenjes, P.
VESPA: Recovering the Star Formation Histories of Galaxies 346 Tojeiro, R.
A Keck Spectroscopic Study of MS 1054–03 (z = 0.83): Forming the Red Sequence 348 Tran, K.-V.H.
Detection of the Effect of Cosmological Large-Scale Structure on the Orientation of Galaxies 350 Trujillo, I.; Carretero, C.; Patiri, S.G.
Completion of the GOYA Photometric Survey 352 Vallbe i Mumbru, M.; Balcells, M.; Gallego, J.
LAEs at High Redshift through Gravitational Lensing 354 Verdugo, T.; de Diego, J.A.
What do We Learn from IRAC Observations of Galaxies at 2 < z < 3.5? 356 Wuyts, S.
Back Matter   
Volume 379 Back Matter 359 Metcalfe, N.; Shanks, T.