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Paper: The Evolution of Disk Galaxies since z = 1
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 278
Authors: Boehm, A.; Ziegler, B.L.
Abstract: Based on VLT/FORS spectroscopy and HST/ACS imaging, we have constructed a sample of ~200 field spiral galaxies that cover redshifts up to z ≈ 1. Such a large data set allows to study the evolution of fundamental galaxy parameters like luminosity, size, mass, mass-to-light ratio etc. as a function of cosmic time and in various mass regimes. Several of our findings like the time-independent fraction of stellar-to-total mass are in compliance with a hierarchical structure growth. However, the stellar population properties of intermediate-redshift disks favour a down-sizing scenario in the sense that the average stellar ages in high-mass spirals are older than in low-mass spirals.
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