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Paper: Constraining Feedback in Galaxy Formation: Using Galaxy and AGN Surveys to Shed Light on “Gastrophysics”
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 231
Authors: Monaco, P.
Abstract: We present some results of the new MORGANA model for the rise of galaxies and active nuclei, and show that the improved physical motivation of the description of star formation and feedback allows to get hints on the physical processes at play. We propose that the high level of turbulence in star-forming bulges is at the base of the observed downsizing of AGNs. In this framework it is also possible to reproduce the recently obtained evidence that most lowredshift accretion is powered by relatively massive, slowly accreting black holes. Besides, we notice that many galaxy formation models (including MORGANA) fail to reproduce a basic observable, namely the number density of 1011 M galaxies at z ~ 1, as traced by the GOODS-MUSIC sample. This points to a possibly missing ingredient in the modeling of stellar feedback.
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