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Paper: The Stellar Population of Lyα Emitting Galaxies at z ~ 5.7
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 309
Authors: Lai, K.; Huang, J.-S.; Fazio, G.; Cowie, L.L.; Hu, E.M.; Kakazu, Y.
Abstract: We present a study of three Lyα emitting galaxies at z ~ 5.7, selected via a narrow-band survey in the GOODS northern field. Using HST ACS and Spitzer IRAC data, we constrain the rest-frame UV-to-optical spectral energy distributions of the galaxies, and derive mass and age estimates based on stellar population synthesis modeling. A comparison of our narrow-band selected objects to other IRAC-detected z ~ 6 i′-dropout galaxies is also presented.
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