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Paper: The VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey: Dependence of Galaxy Clustering on Luminosity
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 332
Authors: Pollo, A.; Guzzo, L.; Le Fevre, O.; Meneux, B.; the VVDS team
Abstract: We have investigated the dependence of galaxy clustering on their intrinsic luminosities at z ~ 1, using the data from the First Epoch VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey (VVDS). We have measured the projected two-point correlation function of galaxies, wp(rp) for a set of volume-limited samples at an effective redshift 〈z〉 = 0.9 and median absolute magnitude −19.6 < MB < −21.3. We find that the clustering strength is rising around M *B, apparently with a sharper turn than observed at low redshifts. The slope of the correlation function is observed to steepen significantly from γ = 1.6+0.1−0.1 to γ = 2.4+0.4−0.2. This is due to a significant change in the shape of wp(rp), increasingly deviating from a powerlaw for the most luminous samples, with a strong upturn at small (≤ 1 − 2 h−1 Mpc) scales. This trend, not observed locally, also results in a strong scale dependence of the relative bias, b/b∗ and seems to imply a significant change in the way luminous galaxies trace dark-matter halos at z ~ 1 with respect to z ~ 0.
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