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Paper: Detecting the Transverse Proximity Effect: Radiative Feedback from QSOs
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 300
Authors: Goncalves, T.S.; Steidel, C.C.
Abstract: We present results of a search for absorbers close to QSOs near the line of sight of background quasars based on sensitive Keck/HIRES observations of the QSO triplet KP76, KP77, and KP78 (z=2.466, 2.535, and 2.615), with separations of 2-3 arcmin on the plane plane of the sky. Through the use of a high resolution spectra, together with accurate systemic redshifts of the QSOs using near-IR spectroscopy, we quantify the state of the IGM gas at the redshifts of the foreground QSOs. The inferred ionizing flux at the proper transverse distances probed is up to 100 times greater than the UV background. We show that the state of the gas has been significantly affected by the UV radiation from the foreground QSOs.
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