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Paper: Halo Dependent Properties of Groups
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 336
Authors: Robotham, A.
Abstract: The vast majority of all galaxies are in some way associated with a galaxy group. Cosmologically these structures are considered to have a dark matter halo the centre of which will statistically be the location of the brightest galaxy in the group, and they differ from clusters in having fewer members (50 being a common cut off). Using the total giant galaxy bj magnitude as a proxy for halo mass (Yang et al. 2005) and the 2PIGG galaxy group catalogue (Eke et al. 2004), this project looks at a variety of ways in which the properties of group galaxies depend upon the halo mass. In particular it considers the effect halo masses have on the Schechter luminosity function, the radial profile of early and late type giant and dwarf galaxies and at the mean three-dimensional spatial shape of groups.
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