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Paper: Lyα Blobs at z = 3.1
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 316
Authors: Matsuda, Y.
Abstract: We present Subaru/Keck observations of Lyα blobs (LABs) located in and around the protocluster in the SSA22 at z = 3.1. We detected 35 LABs larger than 16 arcsec2 in isophotal area (900kpc2), including the two previously known LABs. One third of the 35 LABs are apparently not associated with ultra-violet continuum sources that are bright enough to produce their Lyα emission, assuming a Salpeter initial mass function. Some of the LABs have bubbles, conical structures, and multiple clumps, suggesting interaction or merger induced galactic superwinds. The Lyα velocity widths (FWHM) of the LABs range from 500 to 1700 km s−1 and correlate with the Lyα spatial extents. If we assume gravitationally-bound gas clouds, the dynamical masses of the LABs are estimated to be ~ 1012 −1013 M. Assuming outflows from a central starburst, the characteristic time-scales of star-formation for the LABs are estimated to be 3 107 − 108 yr.
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