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Paper: STAGES: Environmental Drivers of Galaxy Evolution
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 265
Authors: Gray, M.; the STAGES collaboration
Abstract: We present initial results from the Space Telescope A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey (STAGES): a large ground- and space-based observational project to map both the environment and galaxy properties of the A901/902 supercluster. Our mosaic of 80 ACS images obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope spans a 0.5x0.5 degree region from the 17-passband COMBO-17 photometric redshift survey, encompassing a complex structure at z=0.17. With an extensive existing multi-wavelength dataset, we probe the dependence of galaxy morphologies, star formation properties, and degree of AGN activity on local and large-scale environment. We can accurately separate the many layers composing the supercluster: the distributions of dark matter revealed by weak lensing maps; the hot intracluster medium from deep XMM-Newton imaging; and the local galaxy density using precision photometric redshifts from COMBO-17. The synthesis of these observations provides an exceptional laboratory with which to address the influences of dark matter, hot X-ray gas, and galaxy-galaxy interactions on the evolution of the structural, spectral, and photometric properties of galaxies across a large dynamic range of environments from near-field densities to cluster cores. Here we introduce the survey and present a first look at the weak gravitational lensing mass maps derived from the HST imaging.
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