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Paper: Chapter 3: Stand-alone Applications—Mirage: A Visualization Tool for VO Data
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 29
Authors: Ho, T.K.
Abstract: A fundamental need in analyzing data from large archives is to find correlations among different objects or events; Mirage is a tool that addresses this need. Specifically, it offers intuitive graphical operations to track correlations across different attributes and views of the same object, or correlations among different levels of analysis. It provides a means to display data together with the results of automatic clustering, offering a way to facilitate interactions between pattern recognition capabilities of humans and machines.

Early trials have been made to connect Mirage to VO archives, external web services, dynamic data streams, and statistical analysis libraries. A broader goal is to provide a platform for integrating several modern technologies into the scientific inquiry process. In this chapter we describe the basic functionalities of Mirage, its connections to the VO, and ongoing developments.

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