Title: The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research

Volume: 382 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Graham, Matthew J.; Fitzpatrick, Michael J.; McGlynn, Thomas A.
Note: An additional figure was inserted in the electronic version. Therefore page numbers beyond page 450 in this version are greater by 2 than in the printed volume.
In 2004, 2005, and 2006, the US National Virtual Observatory development project presented Summer Schools in Aspen, Colorado. During these week-long programs, presentations and tutorials were presented on all aspects of the Virtual Observatory. The goal was to expose astronomers and astronomical software developers to tools that can streamline astronomical data access and discovery so that they might apply these tools to current research problems.

This volume is a collection of the Summer School lectures and tutorials. It includes a complete set of software libraries and worked examples to guide the astronomer/software developer through the process of developing VO-enabled programs in a variety of programming languages and scripting environments. It is an essential guide for those interested in combining data from diverse and distributed astronomical data collections, for accessing large astronomical survey databases, and for making available to the research community one’s own data collections and catalogs. In addition, the introductory material describes the origin of the Virtual Observatory and its potential role in astronomical research. Several chapters that describe results obtained by participants in the NVO Summer Schools using VO tools and technologies are also included.

This book is suitable for astronomers and students of astronomy at the undergraduate and graduate level who have an interest in using computers and the Internet to optimize and extend their research. It would also be of interest to researcher and software professionals working in related fields where access to distributed data collections is becoming essential.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Cover and Front Matter   
Volume 382 Cover and Front Matter Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Prologue: The Virtual Observatory—A New Environment for Astronomical Research 1 Hanisch, R.J.; De Young, D.
Section 1.
An Introduction to VO Tools
Section 1 Introduction: An Introduction to VO Tools 9 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 1: Stand-alone Applications—How to Use VOPlot to View Data 11 Krughoff, K.S.
Chapter 2: Stand-alone Applications—TOPCAT 19 Miller, C.J.
Chapter 3: Stand-alone Applications—Mirage: A Visualization Tool for VO Data 29 Ho, T.K.
Chapter 4: Stand-alone Applications—Using Aladin in the Virtual Observatory 37 McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 5: Stand-alone Applications—Using Virtual Observatory Services in SkyView 43 McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 6: Web-based Tools—Using the Virtual Observatory DataScope Tool 51 McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 7: Web-based Tools—The NVO Registry: Finding Data and Services in the NVO 59 Greene, G.; Plante, R.
Chapter 8: Web-based Tools—CARNIVORE 65 Graham, M.J.
Chapter 9: Web-based Tools—Footprint Services in the Virtual Observatory 75 Budavari, T.; Szalay Gyoergy Fekete, A.S.; Dobos, L.; Greene, G.; Gray, J.; Rots, A.H.
Chapter 10: Web-based Tools—STOMP Footprint Service 85 Scranton, R.; Krughoff, K.S.; Connolly, A.J.
Chapter 11: Web-based Tools—VO Region Inventory Service 99 Good, J.C.
Chapter 12: Web-based Tools—The NOAO NVO Portal 105 Miller, C.J.
Chapter 13: Web-based Tools—Open SkyQuery: Distributed Database Queries and Crossmatching 111 Greene, G.; Budavari, T.; Li, N.; Nieto-Santisteban, M.; Szalay, A.; Thakar, A.
Chapter 14: Web-based Tools—WESIX 119 Krughoff, K.S.; Connolly, A.J.
Chapter 15: Web-based Tools—How to Use WESIX 129 Krughoff, K.S.; Connolly, A.J.; Miller, C.J.
Chapter 16: Web-based Tools—WCSFixer 139 Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Chapter 17: Web-based Tools—Spectrum and Filter Services for the VO 147 Dobos, L.; Budavari, T.
Chapter 18: Web-based Tools—NED VO Services 165 Mazzarella, J.M.; the NED Team
Chapter 19: Web-based Tools—Montage: An Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine 179 Berriman, G.B.; Good, J.C.; Laity, A.C.; Jacob, J.C.; Katz, D.S.; Deelman, E.; Singh, G.; Su, M.-H.
Chapter 20: Programmatic Interfaces—Grid Computing with NESSSI 191 Williams, R.
Chapter 21: Programmatic Interfaces—STILTS 203 Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Chapter 22: Programmatic Interfaces—VOClient (Multi-Language) 207 Tody, D.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Chapter 23: Programmatic Interfaces—VOLib/VOAgent (Python) 221 Kwok, S.H.
Chapter 24: Programmatic Interfaces—IDL VOlib 241 Miller, C.J.
Section 2.
Science with the Virtual Observatory
Section 2 Introduction: Science with the Virtual Observatory 259 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 25: Finding and Exploring Merging Pairs of Galaxies in 2MASS Using the NVO 261 Allam, S.S.; Tucker, D.L.; Kent, S.; Gee, P.; Loh, Y.-S.; Puerari, I.; Smith, J.A.
Chapter 26: Multi-Wavelength Data Science: Fossil Groups 273 Santos, W.A.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Sodre, L. Jr.; Lopez-Cruz, O.; Lindler, D.; Tamura, T.
Chapter 27: Deja vu All Over Again: Using NVO Tools to Re-Investigate a Complete Sample of Texas Radio Survey Sources 283 Lucas, R.A.; Rohde, D.; Tamura, T.; Van Duyne, J.
Chapter 28: Theory SkyNode 289 Wagner, R.; Norman, M.L.
Chapter 29: Using an Existing Environment in the VO (IDL) 301 Miller, C.J.
Chapter 30: Crossmatching Data in the VO: BCG Line Ratios 313 Miller, C.J.; Krughoff, K.S.
Chapter 31: Combining VO Services in a Data Reduction and Visualization Environment 327 Kent, B.R.
Chapter 32: Using an Existing Environment in the VO (IRAF) 335 Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Chapter 33: How to Make a VO-Aware Tool or Service 353 Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Section 3.
Technologies and Protocols
Section 3 Introduction: Technologies and Protocols 361 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 34: XML in the VO: VOTables 363 Fitzpatrick, M.
Chapter 35: Describing Data and Data Collections in the VO 375 Kent, B.R.; Hanisch, R.J.; Williams, R.D.
Chapter 36: The Astronomical Dataset Query Language (ADQL) 381 Plante, R.
Chapter 37: Space-Time Coordinate Metadata for the Virtual Observatory 393 Rots, A.H.
Chapter 38: Data Models 415 McDowell, J.C.
Chapter 39: Transient Event Notification with VOEvent 425 Williams, R.D.; Seaman, R.L.
Chapter 40: VOSpace 433 Graham, M.J.
Section 4.
Discovering and Registering Resources in the VO
Section 4 Introduction: Discovering and Registering Resources in the VO 443 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 41: An Overview of the Registry Framework 445 Plante, R.L.; Greene, G.
Chapter 42: How to find Resources in the Registry 455 Greene, G.; Plante, R.L.
Chapter 43: Registry Clients 463 Greene, G.; Plante, R.
Chapter 44: Introduction to Publishing in the VO 477 Plante, R.L.; Greene, G.
Section 5.
Accessing Data in the VO
Section 5 Introduction: Accessing Data in the VO 489 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 45: Introduction to DAL: Cone Search Protocol 491 Kent, B.R.; Plante, R.
Chapter 46: How to Use Cone Search Client Applications 495 Kent, B.R.
Chapter 47: Introduction to DAL: Simple Image Access Protocol 501 Kwok, S.-H.; Tody, D.
Chapter 48: How to Build a Simple SIAP Client 513 Kwok. S.H.; Tody, D.
Chapter 49: The VO Data Access Layer (DAL) 527 Tody, D.
Chapter 50: How to Build Client Applications with VOClient 545 Tody, D.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Section 6.
Publishing Data in the VO
Section 6 Introduction: Publishing Data in the VO 555 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 51: How to Build a Simple Cone Search Service Using a Local Database 557 Kent, B.R.; Greene, G.R.
Chapter 52: How to Build a Simple SIAP service 563 Kent, B.R.
Chapter 53: How to Build a Virtual Observatory SkyNode 571 McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 54: How to Set Up a SkyNode 587 Greene, G.; McGlynn, T.
Chapter 55: How to Use VOSpace 595 Graham, M.J.
Section 7.
Foundation Technologies
Section 7 Introduction: Foundation Technologies 607 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Chapter 56: Introduction to XML 609 Greene, G.; Krughoff, K.S.
Chapter 57: Advanced XML Technologies: Schema, Xpath, XQuery, and XSL 619 Plante, R.L.
Chapter 58: Introduction to SQL 645 McGlynn, T.A.; Nieto-Santisteban, M.
Chapter 59: Web Services 657 Graham, M.J.
Appendix 1: Virtual Observatory Protocols and Standards 683 McGlynn, T.
Appendix 2: Software Overview 687 Graham, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Appendix 3: Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in the VO 693 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.
Back Matter   
Volme 382 Back Matter 705 Graham, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.; McGlynn, T.A.