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Paper: Chapter 40: VOSpace
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 433
Authors: Graham, M.J.
Abstract: Data is central to the VO, but we are facing a data avalanche from forthcoming instruments and surveys. For example, LSST will produce data at roughly 0.5 GB/s, which is equivalent to ~16 TB per night, and have a final archive in excess of 3 PB in size. There are well-established solutions to handling large amounts of distributed data, e.g. SRB, PVFS and OGSA-DAI, which we would obviously want to leverage (in preference to reinventing the wheel ourselves), but we also do not want to be tied to a particular solution. In order to manage data in the VO, a distributed storage mechanism is required that allows easy reference to data without concerns about its physical location. In this chapter, we will describe VOSpace, the IVOA specification for a data storage interface, focusing on v1.0, a simple flat data store. Chapter 55 gives details on how to setup and use a VOSpace implementation.
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