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Paper: Chapter 12: Web-based Tools—The NOAO NVO Portal
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 105
Authors: Miller, C.J.
Abstract: This chapter introduces a web-based application to discover, access, and analyze imaging data within the Virtual Observatory. The tool itself runs within a Firefox browser and is fully web-based. The NOAO NVO Portal provides a static “cached view” of many VO image archive holdings through: 1) footprints of their instrument wire-frames and 2) a time-line view of when those images were taken. The web application allows for live discovery and access via those same NVO compliant image access services, a shopping cart to stage data from different archives at one location, and direct access to VO image analysis services (e.g. WESIX and Aladin). The web application is available at:
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