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Paper: Chapter 32: Using an Existing Environment in the VO (IRAF)
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 335
Authors: Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Abstract: IRAF continues to be one of the most widely used systems for optical and infrared data analysis, providing trusted and familiar functionality to users who find themselves with a wealth of new data sources. The VO cannot possibly re-implement large systems such as IRAF using more modern languages/environments, and so it must ultimately rely on legacy software to provide, integrate with, and interface to VO technologies. For a software system, the integration of VO technology should be a natural extension of that system‛s existing capabilities; for an astronomer, using the VO should be seamless and an added value of the system. By making several key enhancements, and by building some new support software, we are able to use the many existing IRAF tasks in both the client and server sides of the VO.
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