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Paper: Chapter 44: Introduction to Publishing in the VO
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 477
Authors: Plante, R.L.; Greene, G.
Abstract: As part of our introductory tour of the VO at the beginning of this book, we introduced registries as one way to begin finding useful data and services. We also saw how applications, like DataScope, can use registries behind the scenes to discover data resources for us. In Chapter 41, we took a closer look at the registry framework, where we introduced concepts and terms such as resources, identifiers, and resource metadata and described how they are used to aid data discovery.

Another important capability of the VO is that users can also be publishers. In the VO, we consider something as published if you can use VO facilities to find it. In this chapter, we will take an overall look at the process of publishing data and services to the VO. An important part of publishing, we will see, is registering a collection or service with a VO registry. We will look at that this process in more detail through a visit to one publishing registry.

Much of the information presented in this chapter has been adapted from the document “How to Publish to the NVO” (Plante 2007), available from the US-VO web site. This document is updated regularly to provide data and service providers with “first steps” information on publishing and provides pointers to additional resources.

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