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Paper: Chapter 57: Advanced XML Technologies: Schema, Xpath, XQuery, and XSL
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 619
Authors: Plante, R.L.
Abstract: Much of what happens behind the scenes in the VO happens using XML A major reason for choosing to use XML is to take advantage of “off-the-shelf” standards and technologies that can help us manage our metadata. Most VO users will not need to know anything about various manipulations of XML going on underneath their applications. However, users who begin to delve into programming for the VO, be it scripting to gather data for a VO research project or developing a general application, will start to see some of these technologies at work under the hood. In four sections in this chapter, we‛ll look at four of the most useful XML technologies. With each one, we‛ll start by highlighting how you might find it useful. The intent is not to make you proficient in these tools. Rather, by getting a general sense how these technologies work you will at least have some ability to debug your application when things go wrong. In some cases, you may acquire enough familiarity to edit and use pre-existing samples.

In this chapter, you will get a chance to make some of those edits and try out some tools you can find on the CD. We will use some tools from the adqllib package. If you tried out the exercises in Chapter 36, then you may have already built these tools. If not, you can do that now

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