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Paper: Chapter 22: Programmatic Interfaces—VOClient (Multi-Language)
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 207
Authors: Tody, D.; Fitzpatrick, M.J.
Abstract: The purpose of VOClient is to provide a high level, easy to use interface between desktop applications and the distributed VO framework and services. Scientific applications want to deal directly with data objects—catalogs, images, spectra, and so forth—and are generally not interested in the details of the underlying data access protocols, data formats, web/grid technologies, and other such technology required to access data and related information and computational services via the VO. VOClient implements the client side of the VO services, and provides a higher level, objectrather than service-oriented API designed to support scientific applications development by both applications developers and end users. Equivalent functionality is provided in a variety of popular compiled and scripting languages and astronomical environments.

In this chapter we will look at the VOClient facility, including what it is, what it provides, how it works, and the current status. A companion chapter (see Chapter 50) presents some examples of simple client applications which use VOClient.

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