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Paper: Chapter 10: Web-based Tools—STOMP Footprint Service
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 85
Authors: Scranton, R.; Krughoff, K.S.; Connolly, A.J.
Abstract: This chapter offers a basic tutorial on the STOMP (Space & Time Ordered Mapping Package) footprint service. Like all footprint services, the goal is to give data archives a fast, accurate and flexible way to describe the geometry of their data set on the sky and to provide end users with the tools to discover new data sets and use footprint information to do their science. The purpose of this chapter is to give readers enough information to start using the service without going into the details of how the service works (a more formal description of the nuts and bolts of the service will be forthcoming in a future publication by the same authors). After a brief description of the basic ideas behind the service, the bulk of this chapter will be an extended example working through a typical use case touching on all of the basic utilities.
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