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Paper: The 23 μm Feature in Starburst Galaxies
Volume: 381, The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution
Page: 50
Authors: Tajiri, Y.Y.; Onaka, T.; Okada, Y.; Roellig, T.L.; Chan, K.-W.
Abstract: We report the detection of a small hump around 23 μm in eight starburst galaxies: NGC2782, NGC5430, and NGC6764 from our samples, and IC342, NGC1569, NGC4818, NGC7252, and NGC7714 from the archival data which were obtained with the Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) on board the Spitzer Space Telescope. The luminosity of the 23 μm feature increases with the ratios of [FeII] 26.0 μm intensity to the K-band and the infrared luminosity, suggesting that the 23 μm feature is strongly related to supernovae and recent starformation activities in ∼ 107 yr.
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