Title: The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution
Volume: 381 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Chary, Ranga-Ram; Teplitz, Harry I.; Sheth, Kartik
In November 2005, the 2nd annual Spitzer Science Center international conference was held in Pasadena, California, USA. The purpose of this conference was to provide an overview of the role that infrared imaging and spectroscopy play in revealing the nature of astrophysical environments. Particular emphasis was given to how mid-infrared spectroscopy can disentangle the contribution of star-formation and active galactic nuclei to the bolometric luminosity of individual extragalactic sources.

The conference was motivated by the wealth of data from the first two years of operation of the Spitzer Space Telescope but included contributions from ground-based imaging and spectroscopy as well. A wide variety of astrophysical objects were covered, ranging from star-forming regions in local galaxies, including our own, to high redshift galaxies at the epoch of reionization.

The conference included 14 review talks, 45 contributed talks, 112 posters, and a brainstorming discussion on what Spitzer should do next. The conference and these proceedings clearly highlight the fundamental role that the infrared plays in providing a more complete picture of galaxy formation and evolution over cosmic time.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 381 Cover Chary, R.; Teplitz, H.I.; Sheth, K.
Front Matter   
Volume 381 Front Matter 1 Chary, R.; Teplitz, H.I.; Sheth, K.
Part 1.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics in the Mid-Infrared
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Galactic Nuclei 3 Charmandaris, V.; the Spitzer/IRS Instrument Team
The Spitzer IRS View of Stellar Populations in Virgo Early-type Galaxies 12 Bressan, A.; Panuzzo, P.; Buson, L.; Clemens, M.; Granato, G.L.; Rampazzo, R.; Silva, L.; Valdes, J.R.; Vega, O.; Danese, L.
Infrared SEDs of Seyfert Galaxies: Starbursts and the Nature of the Obscuring Medium 18 Buchanan, C.L.; Gallimore, J.F.; O’Dea, C.P.; Baum, S.A.; Axon, D.J.; Robinson, A.; Elitzur, M.; Elvis, M.
QUEST: A Quasar/ULIRG Evolutionary Study with Spitzer/IRS 24 Veilleux, S.; the QUEST Team
The PAH Emission Deficit In Low-Metallicity Galaxies – A Spitzer View 30 O’Halloran, B.; Satyapal, S.; Dudik, R.P.
Unusual PAH Emission in Elliptical Galaxies 34 Bregman, J.D.; Bregman, J.N.; Temi, P.
Characteristics of Star Forming Regions in Irregular Galaxies 38 Hunter, D.A.
Spitzer Observations of Diffuse 8 μm Emission in Local Group and Nearby Dwarf Galaxies 42 Jackson, D.C.; Skillman, E.D.; Lee, H.; Gehrz, R.D.; Woodward, C.E.; Polomski, E.
Global Star Formation and Mid-Infrared Emission Features in Galaxies 46 Lu, N.; Helou, G.
The 23 μm Feature in Starburst Galaxies 50 Tajiri, Y.Y.; Onaka, T.; Okada, Y.; Roellig, T.L.; Chan, K.-W.
Part 2.
Physics of Dust and Molecular Gas
Molecular Gas: Diagnostics and Chemistry from a Spitzer Perspective 57 Turner, J.L.
The Young SNR 1E 0102.2-7219: Testing Dust Formation in Primordial Galaxies 65 Stanimirovic, S.; Bolatto, A.D.; Sandstrom, K.; Leroy, A.; Simon, J.D.; Gaensler, B.M.; Shah, R.; Jackson, J.M.
The Effects of a Clumpy ISM on Infrared Spectra Energy Distributions: Predictions from 3D Radiation Transfer Models 71 Johnson, K.E.; Whitney, B.; Indebetouw, R.; Wood, K.
Dust in Spiral Disks: Opacity Profiles from FIR Emission and Counts of Distant Galaxies 76 Holwerda, B.W.; González, R.A.; Calzetti, D.; Allen, R.J.; van der Kruit, P.C.; the SINGS team
Confirmation of the 22 micron Feature in the Carina Nebula with Spitzer/IRS and its Implications 80 Onaka, T.; Roellig, T.L.; Okada, Y.; Chan, K.-W.
Dust Emission from a Large Scale Shock Near the Galactic Center 84 Staguhn, J.; Morris, M.; Uchida, K.; Benford, D.; Bertoldi, F.
Spitzer Observations of Stephan’s Quintet – IGM Dust and Gas in a Multi-galaxy Collision 88 Xu, C.K.; Appleton, P.N.; Dopita, M.; Gao, Y.; Lu, N.Y.; Popescu, C.; Reach, W.T.; Sulentic, J.; Tuffs, R.; Yun, M.
Part 3.
Galaxies in the Local Universe
Mid-Infrared Spectral Diagnostics of Nearby Galaxies 95 Dale, D.A.; the SINGS Team
Multi-wavelength Diagnostics of Star Formation Rates 103 Kennicutt, R.C. Jr.: the SINGS Team
The Galactic and Extragalactic Legacy of GLIMPSE 109 Benjamin, R.A.; Whitney B.; Churchwell, E.
Spitzer Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud, Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy’s Evolution (SAGE) 115 Meixner, M.; the SAGE Team
Aromatic Features in M101 HII Regions and Starburst Galaxies 122 Gordon, K.D.; Engelbracht, C.; Smith, J.D.T.; Rieke, G.; Misselt, K.
Massive Star Formation and Dust in Collisional Ring Galaxies: From GALEX to Spitzer 128 Appleton, P.N.; Gil de Paz, A.; Madore, B.; Reach, W.; Struck, C.; Brandl, B.; Jarrett, T.; Fadda, D.; Charmandaris, V.; Armus, L.; Smith, B.; Mazzarella, J.; Lord, S.; Laine, S.; Borne, K.
Dust Distribution in the Spiral Galaxy M51 132 Benford, D.J.; Staguhn, J.G.
FIR and FUV Selected Samples of Galaxies at z = 0: Selection Effects and Comparisons with Samples at Higher Redshift 136 Buat, V.; Takeuchi, T.T.; Iglesias-Parámo, J.
Spitzer IRS Spectra of Luminous 8 μm Sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud 140 Buchanan, C.L.; Kastner, J.H.; Forrest, W.J.; Hrivnak, B.J.; Sahai, R.; Egan, M.; Frank, A.; Barnbaum, C.
Mapping Global Star Formation in the Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp32 144 Damjanov, I.; Fadda, D.; Marleau, F.; Appleton, P.; Choi, P.; Lacy, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.; Yan, L.
Probing Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies Using UV and Mid-IR: The Case of Arp 82 148 Hancock, M.; Smith, B.J.; Struck, C.; Giroux, M.; Appleton, P.; Reach, W.; Charmandaris, V.
Dust in Dwarfs and Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 153 Hinz, J.L.; Rieke, M.J.; Rieke, G.H.; Smith, P.S.; Misselt, K.; Blaylock, M.; Gordon, K.D.
The Spitzer View of Low-Metallicity Star Formation: Haro 3 157 Hunt, L.K.; Thuan, T.X.; Sauvage, M.; Izotov, Y.I.
Remarkable Disk and Off-nuclear Starburst Activity in the Tadpole Galaxy, UGC10214 161 Jarrett, T.H.; the SWIRE Team
Observations of Nearby Elliptical Galaxies with Spitzer/IRS and MIPS 165 Kaneda, H.; Onaka, T.; Sakon, I.
Spitzer 4.5 μm Mass-Metallicity Relation for 25 Nearby Dwarf Galaxies 169 Lee, H.; Skillman, E.D.; Cannon, J.M.; Jackson, D.C.; Gehrz, R.D.; Polomski, E.F.; Woodward, C.E.
Dust, Atomic, and Molecular Gas in the Nearest Primitive Environment 173 Leroy, A.; Bolatto, A.D.; Stanimirovic, S.; Sandstrom, K.; Simon, J.D.; Bot, C.; Shah, R.; Jackson, J.M.
A Spatially Resolved Study of the Cold Dust in NGC 205 177 Marleau, F.R.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Misselt, K.; Gordon, K.; Rieke, G.H.; Barmby, P.; Willner, S.; Engelbracht, C.
Obscured Star Formation in SINGS Galaxies 181 Prescott, M.K.M.; Kennicutt, R.C.; the SINGS Team
Distribution of Extinction and Star Formation in NGC 1569 185 Relaño, M.; Lisenfeld, U.; Battaner, E.; Vilchez, J.M.; Pérez-González, P.
Infrared Sources in the Small Magellanic Cloud: First Results 189 Simon, J.D.; Bolatto, A.D.; Stanimirovic, S.; Shah, R.Y.; Leroy, A.; Sandstrom, K.
The Spitzer Spirals, Bridges, and Tails Interacting Galaxy Survey 193 Smith, B.J.; Struck, C.; Hancock, M.; Appleton, P.; Reach, W.; Charmandaris, V.
Spitzer Observations of the Nearby Extreme Starburst Galaxy NGC 3256 197 Wang, Z.
Part 4.
Galaxies in the Field and in Clusters at Moderate Redshifts (z = 0.5 − 1)
UV-to-FIR Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies and Luminous Infrared Galaxies at z ∼ 1 203 Burgarella, D.; Pérez-González, P.G.; Tyler, K.D.; Rieke, G.H.; Buat, V.; Takeuchi, T.T.; Lauger, S.; Arnouts, S.; Ilbert, O.; Barlow, T.A.; Bianchi, L.; Lee, Y.-W.; Madore, B.F.; Malina R.F.; Szalay, A.S.; Yi, S.K.
Clusters of Galaxies at 1 < z < 2 : The Spitzer Adaptation of the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 210 Wilson, G.; Muzzin, A.; Lacy, M.; Yee, H.; Surace, J.; Lonsdale, C.; Hoekstra, H.; Majumdar, S.; Gilbank, D.; Gladders, M.
Understanding Infrared Galaxy Populations: the SWIRE Legacy Survey 216 Rowan-Robinson, M.; Lonsdale, C.; Smith, G.; Surace, J.; Shupe, D.; Polletta, M.; Siana, B.; Babbedge, T.; Oliver, S.; Perez-Fournon, I.; Franceschini, A.; Afonso A.; Luis, Clements, D.; Davoodi, P.; Domingue, D.; Efstathiou, A.; Fang, F.; Farrah, D.; Frayer, D.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Xu, K.; Padgett, D.; Vaccari, M.
Galaxy Clustering in Far-Infrared SWIRE Fields 225 Fang, F.; Shupe, D.; Laher, R.; Masci, F.; Afonso-Luis, A.; Frayer, D.; Oliver, S.; Waddington, I.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Vaccari, M.; Salaman, M.; Surace, J.; Lonsdale, C.
LIRIS Multi-slit Hα Spectroscopy of a z ∼ 1 DEEP2 Sample of Star-forming Galaxies 230 Rodríguez-Eugenio, N.; Noeske, K.G.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Barrena, R.; Prada, F.; Manchado, A.; the EGS Team
MIPS Class Coaddition of SWIRE High-Redshift Galaxies 235 Shupe, D.L.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Polletta, M.; Lagache, G.
Part 5.
Far-Infrared Diagnostics
A Dust Emission Model for Very Young Galaxies: Expected Properties and Far Infrared Diagnostics 241 Takeuchi, T.T.
Using Spitzer to Probe the Nature of Submillimeter Galaxies in GOODS-N 249 Pope, A.; Scott, D.; Dickinson, M.; Chary, R.; Morrison, G.; Borys, C.; Sajina, A.
Reionization on Ice 255 Dudley, C.C.; Imanishi, M.; Maloney, P.R.
Spitzer 70-micron Confusion Level 260 Frayer, D.T.; Huynh, M.T.
Spatially Resolving the 350-μm Continuum, Cold-Dust Emission in Nearby Elliptical Galaxies: Recent Results 264 Leeuw, L.L.; Davidson, J.; Dowell, C.D.; Hildebrand, R.H.; Knapp, G.R.; Matthews, H.E.
The Far-IR Radio Continuum Correlation in the Small Magellanic Cloud 268 Sandstrom, K.; Bolatto, A.; Leroy, A.; Stanimirovic, S.; Simon, J.D.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Shah, R.
Part 6.
Starburst Galaxies
Follow-up NIR Spectroscopy of ULIRGs Observed by ISO 275 Dannerbauer, H.; Rigopoulou, D.; Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.; Sturm, E.; Moorwood, A.F.M.
High Ionization in Starburst Galaxies 279 Devost, D.; Guiles, S.; Whelan, D.G.; Brandl, B.R.; Leitherer, C.; Wu, Y.; Hao, L.; Houck, J.R.
Superior Photometric Redshifts with Dusty Star Cluster Spectral Energy Distributions 285 Hunt, L.K.; Maiolino, R.
Modeling Galaxy Evolution 293 Rieke, G.H.; Wang, Y.P.; Pérez-González, P.G.
NGC1377: An Extragalactic Proto-Starburst 297 Roussel, H.; Helou, G.; Smith, J.D.; the SINGS team
Part 7.
Continuum and Broadband Diagnostics
GMASS, Unveiling Distant Massive Galaxies with Spitzer 303 Kurk, J.D.; Cimatti, A.; Daddi, E.; Dickinson, M.; Mignoli, M.; Pozzetti, L.; Bolzonella, M.; Berta, S.; Zamorani, G.; Cassata, P.; Rodighiero, G.; Franceschini, A.; Renzini, A.; Rosati, P.
Spitzer/MIPS 24 μm Galaxies: The Link to Near-IR Galaxies and the Cosmic IR Background 309 Caputi, K.I.; Dole, H.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J.-L.
GOODS Spitzer IRAC Observations of High-z Galaxies 317 Yan, H.; Dickinson, M.; Giavalisco, M.; Stern, D.; Eisenhardt, P.R.M.; Ferguson, H.C.; the GOODS Team
Star Formation Rates in the Infrared 323 Calzetti, D.; the SINGS Team
Mid- to Far-Infrared Correlations at z ∼ 1 in GOODS 327 MacDonald, E.C.; Dickinson, M.E.; Morrison, G.E.
The Local 8-micron/Far-Infrared Relation from SWIRE/SDSS Star-Forming Galaxies 332 Monkiewicz, J.A.; Dickinson, M.E.; Davoodi, P.; Oliver, S.; Tremonti, C.A.; Chary, R.
A Simple Model For Mid-Infrared Emission from Normal Galaxies 337 Nikolic, B.; Alexander, P.; Ford, D.
Part 8.
Galaxies at High Redshifts (z > 1)
Spitzer Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Infrared Luminous Galaxies at z ~ 2 343 Yan, L.
Spitzer Observations of Red Galaxies at High Redshifts 351 Papovich, C.; the GOODS Team; the MIPS GTO Team
Ultradeep Spectroscopy with the Spitzer IRS 357 Teplitz, H.I.; Desai, V.; Armus, L.; Chary, R.; Colbert, J.W.; Frayer, D.T.; Pope, A.; Blain, A.; Spoon, H.; Charmandaris, V.; Scott, D.; Antonucci, S.
Close Pairs of Galaxies at z≤ 1.5: Mid-Infrared Properties in the Spitzer First Look Survey 363 Bridge, C.R.; Appleton, P.N.; Conselice, C.J.; Armus, L.; Choi, P.; Fadda, D.T.; Laine, S.; Marleau, F.R.; Helou, G.; Yan, L.
A 15 μm Selected Sample of High-z Starbursts and AGNs 367 Hernán-Caballero, A.; Pérez-Fournon, I.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Rigopoulou, D.; Afonso-Luis, A.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; González-Solares, E.; Montenegro-Montes, F.M.; Vila-Vilaro, B.; Farrah, D.; Lari, C.; Vaccari, M.; Babbedge, T.; Oliver, S.; Clements, D.; Serjeant, S.; Pozzi, F.; LaFranca, F.; Gruppioni, C.; Valtchanov, I.; Lonsdale, C.; the SWIRE team
Extending the Redshift Distribution of Submm Galaxies: Identification of a z ≈ 4 Submm Galaxy 372 Knudsen, K.K.; Kneib, J.-P.; Egami, E.
The GOODS-North Radio Galaxies: On the Origin of the Radio Emission 376 Morrison, G.; Dickinson, M.; Owen, F.; Daddi, E.; Chary, R.; Bauer, F.; Mobasher, B.; MacDonald, E.; Koekemoer, A.; Pope, A.
Part 9.
Active Galactic Nuclei
The Quest for a Complete Census of AGN Activity 383 Alexander, D.M.
The Mid-Infrared Spectra of X-ray Selected Type 2 QSOs 391 Sturm, E.; Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.; Hasinger, G.; Mainieri, V.; Tacconi, L.J.; Lehnert, M.; Lehmann, I.
Spitzer Observations of High Redshift Radio Galaxies 398 Seymour, N.; Stern, D.; De Breuck, C.; Vernet, J.; Fosbury, R.; Rettura, A.; Zirm, A.; Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Lacy, M.; Teplitz, H.; Dey, A.; Dickinson, M.; van Breugel, W.; Miley, G.; Röttgering, H.; Eisenhardt, P.; McCarthy, P.; De Breuck, F.; Vernet, L.
Spitzer Observations of Centaurus A 405 Brookes, M.H.; Keene, J.; Quillen, A.C.; Charmandaris, V.; Lawrence, C.R.; Stern, D.; Werner, M.
Low Resolution IRS Spectra of Nearby Seyfert Galaxies 409 Gorjian, V.; Cleary, K.; Werner, M.W.; Lawrence, C.R.
Infrared Constraints on AGN Tori Models 413 Hatziminaoglou, E.; Fritz, J.; Pérez-Fournon, I.; Franceschini, A.; Hernán-Caballero, A.; Afonso-Luis, A.; Lonsdale, C.; Fang, F.; Oliver, S.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Shupe, D.; Smith, H.; Surace, J.; González-Solares, E.; the SWIRE Team
X-ray and Infrared Properties of Galaxies and AGNs in the 9 deg2 Boötes Field 418 Hickox, R.C.; Jones, C.; Forman, W.R.; Murray, S.S.; Brodwin, M.; the Chandra XBoötes Team; the Spitzer IRAC Shallow Survey Team; the AGES Team; the NOAO DWFS Team
The ISO–2MASS AGN Survey 422 Leipski, C.; Haas, M.; Meusinger, H.; Siebenmorgen, R.
Discovering The Nature of LINERs 426 Martins, L.; Armus, L.; Leitherer, C.; Ptak, A.; Heckman, T.
Mid-IR Selected Quasars in the First Look Survey 430 Petric, A.; Lacy, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.J.; Sajina, A.; Armus, L.; Canalizo, G.; Ridgway, S.
Compton-Thick AGN in the SWIRE/Chandra Survey 434 Polletta, M.; Wilkes, B.J.; Siana, B.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Kilgard, R.; Shupe, D.L.; Surace, J.; Smith, H.E.; Kim, D.-W.; Owen, F.
Why X-ray–Selected AGN Appear Optically Dull 438 Rigby, J.R.; Rieke, G.H.; Donley, J.L.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Pérez-González, P.G.
Low-luminosity Active Galaxies and their Central Black Holes 442 De Robertis, M.M.; Dong, X.Y.
Black Hole Mass Estimates in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 446 Ryan, C.J.; De Robertis, M.M.; Virani, S.; Laor, A.; Dawson, P.C.
Unification of 3CR Radio Galaxies and Quasars 450 Schulz, B.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Haas, M.; Krügel, E.; Chini, R.
The z ∼ 3 QSO Luminosity Function with SWIRE 454 Siana, B.; Polletta, M.; Smith, H.E.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Farrah, D.; Babbedge, T.S.R.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Surace, J.; Shupe, D.; Fang, F.
Part 10.
Starburst/AGN Connection and ULIRG Dynamics
Distant ULIRGs in the SWIRE Survey 461 Lonsdale, C.J.; Polletta, M.; Farrah, D.; Siana, B.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Smith, H.E.; Shupe, D.; Surace, J.; Fang, F.; Afonso-Luis, A.; Berta, S.; Rowan-Robinson, M.
Mystery of the Lyα Blobs 468 Colbert, J.W.; Teplitz, H.; Francis, P.; Palunas, P.; Williger, G.M.; Woodgate, B.
Comparison of Nuclear Starburst Luminosities Between Seyfert 1 and 2 Galaxies, Based on Infrared 3–4 μm Spectroscopy 474 Imanishi, M.
Buried AGNs in Nearby Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies 478 Imanishi, M.
Part 11.
Feedback and the Environment
A Mass-dependent Star Formation History of Field Galaxies in the Extended Groth Strip Survey 485 Noeske, K.G.; the AEGIS Collaboration
Simulated Molecular Gas Emission in Galaxy Mergers with Embedded AGN 491 Narayanan, D.; Cox, T.J.; Robertson, B.; Davé, R.; Di Matteo, T.; Hernquist, L.; Hopkins, P.; Kulesa, C.; Walker, C.K.
Part 12.
Future Prospects
Future Prospects: In Space and on the Ground 501 Rieke, M.
The AKARI (ASTRO-F) Mission as a Diagnostic Tool of Galaxy Evolution 507 Matsuhara, H.; Wada, T.; Matsuura, S.; Nakagawa, T.; Pearson, C.P.; Kawada, M.; Shibai, H.
Spitzer Data at the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) 513 Alexov, A.; Good, J.C.
The Slit-Less Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies (SPICY) with the InfraRed Camera (IRC) Onboard AKARI (ASTRO-F) Satellite 517 Ohyama, Y.; Wada, T.; Takagi, T.; Nakagawa, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Matsuura, S.; Pearson, C.; Oyabu, S.; Ishihara, D.; Kim, W.; Fujishiro, N.; Shirahata, M.; Watanabe, K.; Kawada, M.; Murakami, N.; Taniguchi, Y.; Imanishi, M.; Takeuchi, T.T.; Sakon, I.
Back Matter   
Volume 381 Back Matter 521 Chary, R.; Teplitz, H.I.; Sheth, K.