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Paper: Extending the Redshift Distribution of Submm Galaxies: Identification of a z ≈ 4 Submm Galaxy
Volume: 381, The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution
Page: 372
Authors: Knudsen, K.K.; Kneib, J.-P.; Egami, E.
Abstract: We present the identification of a bright submillimeter galaxy (SMG) in the field of Abell 2218. The galaxy has a spectroscopic redshift of ∼4, and is currently the highest redshift SMG known. It is detected at all wavelengths from optical to submm, including the Spitzer IRAC bands. We discuss the properties of this galaxy, which is undergoing intense star formation at a rate ∼600Myr−1. We also compare the properties to those of radio-preselected submm-bright galaxies. The z ≈ 4 result extends the redshift distribution of SMGs.
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