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Paper: X-ray and Infrared Properties of Galaxies and AGNs in the 9 deg2 Boötes Field
Volume: 381, The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution
Page: 418
Authors: Hickox, R.C.; Jones, C.; Forman, W.R.; Murray, S.S.; Brodwin, M.; the Chandra XBoötes Team; the Spitzer IRAC Shallow Survey Team; the AGES Team; the NOAO DWFS Team
Abstract: We examine the X-ray and infrared properties of galaxies and AGNs in the 9 square degree Boötes field, using data from the Chandra XBoötes and Spitzer IRAC Shallow Surveys, as well as optical spectroscopy from the AGES survey. A sample of ∼30,000 objects are detected in all four IRAC bands, of which ∼2,000 are associated with X-ray sources. We also study X-ray fainter sources using stacking techniques, and find that X-ray fluxes are highest for objects with IRAC colors that are known to be characteristic of AGNs. Because these are shallow, wide-field surveys, they probe the bright end of the AGN luminosity function out to spectroscopic redshifts as high as z = 3–4. We can use this multi-wavelength data set to explore the properties and redshift evolution of a large sample of luminous active galaxies.
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