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Paper: Spitzer/MIPS 24 μm Galaxies: The Link to Near-IR Galaxies and the Cosmic IR Background
Volume: 381, The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution
Page: 309
Authors: Caputi, K.I.; Dole, H.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J.-L.
Abstract: We present the results of our most recent works on Spitzer/MIPS 24 μm galaxies. Through a multi-wavelength analysis, we study different properties (redshifts, luminosities, stellar masses) characterizing the sources which produce the bulk of the mid-IR background. From a comparative study with the total population of Ks-selected galaxies, we determine that 24 μm sources account for an important fraction of the most massive galaxies present at different redshifts. On the other hand, we determine that 24 μm galaxies also produce most of the energy contained in the far-IR cosmic background at 70 and 160 μm. Furthermore, we are able to set tight constraints on the Cosmic Infrared Background (CIB) spectral energy distribution (SED). Our results help to clarify the links between these presumably different IR galaxy populations.
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