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Paper: The Galactic and Extragalactic Legacy of GLIMPSE
Volume: 381, The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution
Page: 109
Authors: Benjamin, R.A.; Whitney B.; Churchwell, E.
Abstract: GLIMPSE (Galactic Legacy Infrared Survey MidPlane Extraordinaire) and GLIMPSE 2 are Spitzer Space Telescope Legacy programs to survey inner Galaxy ( |l| ≤ 65° and |b|≤1°) at 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, and 8.0 μm using the IRAC (Infrared Array Camera). The principal goals of this project are to study the distributions of stars and star formation with a uniform, large-scale (274 square degree), high resolution view of our Galaxy in a region of the spectrum where extinction is at a minimum. This survey provides a rich legacy for Galactic astronomy and studies of star formation. Here we highlight some of GLIMPSE results of interest for extragalactic astronomy. We focus on results on the recent results on the global stellar structure of the Galaxy, the variation of diffuse mid-infrared emission across the Galaxy, and the probable detection of a galaxy cluster through the dusty Galactic disk.
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