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Paper: Music of the Spheres: Astronomy-Inspired Music as an EPO Tool
Volume: 389, EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships
Page: 197
Authors: Fraknoi, A.
Abstract: In doing public programs, getting audiences to think about astronomy in the wider culture, or just having some fun with a class or museum group, it’s useful to have them brainstorm about all the pieces of music they can identify that have an astronomical connection. We have found over 100 pieces of classical and popular music that draw their inspiration from serious astronomy (and not just the use of a single astronomical term). These include three rock songs about black holes, operas about Einstein and Kepler, an electronic piece in which the players are asked to expand like the universe, and many more. We also highlight several astronomers and physicists who perform science music and discuss how anyone can use music to catch audience interest. The full list of pieces and more information is available at:
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