Title: EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships
Volume: 389 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Garmany, Catharine D.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Moody, J. Ward
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, founded in 1889, has always seen astronomy education as a vital part of its mission. In recent years, the Society has directed its focus towards astronomy education as a primary mission.

With its 119th annual conference, the ASP provided a unique opportunity for astronomy educators to present programs, interactive workshops and poster presentations. The three-day meeting in September 2007 included 48 interactive workshops and 78 individual posters centered on the themes “Innovative Partnerships and Delivery Methods,” “The Evolving Nature of Astronomy Research and Implications for EPO,” and “The EPO Profession: A Changing World.” Networking sessions are summarized, and there are summary reviews of the four major themes presented by “rapporteurs.” Multiple presentations on the upcoming International Year of Astronomy make this volume particularly timely.

Visit for additional information regarding the ASP and how you can join the Society and support the cause of improving science literacy.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 389 Cover Garmany, C.; Gibbs, M.G.; Moody, J.W.
Front Matter   
Volume 389 Front Matter 1 Garmany, C.; Gibbs, M.G.; Moody, J.W.
Part 1.
Innovative Partnerships and Delivery Methods
EPO and the Big Education Reform Picture 3 Nelson, G.D.
Partnering with Nontraditional Out-of-School-Time Networks 11 Gibbons, H.; Lutz, J.
Videoconferencing: Is It Out of My League? 17 Zevin, D.; Harvey, J.; Hurst, A.; Nelson, P.
Providing Professional Development from a Distance: The Opportunities and Challenges of Reaching Educators through Online Astronomy Courses 23 Hurst, A.; Garmany, K.; Steiner, R.V.; Connolly, R.; Buxner, S.; Gomez, E.
Astronomy Professional Development Workshops for After-School Program Providers 33 Lutz, J.; Washburn, K.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Gibbons, H.
Current and Potential Partnerships between NASA and the National Park Service 41 Bahr, M.; Morrow, C.; Tsairides, C.; Kelly, S.
Amateur Astronomers: Secret Agents of EPO 43 Berendsen, M.; White, V.; DeVore, E.; Reynolds, M.
Astronomy After-School Programs: Effective Pathways to Success 47 Krishnamurthi, A.; Porro, I.
Vodcasting for Everyone 55 Hurt, R.; Christensen, L.L.
Learning about the Dynamic Sun through Sounds 63 Quinn, M.; Peticolas, L.M.; Luhmann, J.; MacCallum, J.
Aurora and Magnetospheric Teacher Guides: Bringing Data into the Classroom 65 Peticolas, L.M.; Odenwald, S.; Walker, A.
Creating Sister Cities: An Exchange Across Hemispheres 67 Adams, M.T.; Cabezon, S.A.; Hardy, E.; Harrison, R.J.
It Takes an e-Village 69 Cain, F.; Gay, P.L.; Foster, T.; Plait, P.
JINA: Bringing Nuclear Astrophysics to Classrooms and Communities 71 Constan, Z.
Fredrickson Park: From Toxic Hazard to Community Science Education Center 73 Craft. R.P.; Warren, J.; Bridges, P.J.; Gilot, G.; St.Clair, P.; Sakimoto, P.J.
Mini-Partnerships: Successes of “Just Asking” 75 Enevoldsen, A.A.G.
Space Science Core Curriculum Sequence: A GEMS and NASA Collaboration 77 Erickson, J.
The Black Hole Experiment Gallery 79 Gould, R.; Dussault, M.; Griswold, A.; Reinfeld, E.; Steel, S.
Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! 81 Gurton, S.; Bennett, M.
Developing the “Multiwavelength Astronomy: Galaxies in a Different Light” Activity 83 Hemenway, M.K.; Jogee, S.; Fricke, K.; Worhatch, R.; Ruberg, L.
Smart Images in a Web 2.0 World: The Virtual Astronomy Multimedia Project (VAMP) 85 Hurt, R.L.; Christensen, L.L.; Gauthier, A.; Wyatt, R.
A Farewell to S2N2 87 Lutz, J.
The Global Telescope Network 89 McLin, K.; Spear, G.; Cominsky, L.
CI-Team: Introducing Quasar Research to High School Science Teachers using the Cyberinfrastructure 91 Carney, K.E.; Fortson, L.F.; Nichols, M.M.
Ten Ways to Engage High School Students with Innovative Technology 93 Noon, B.
Designing an Open House for a Rural Community 95 Preston, S.; Cianciolo, F.; Wallace, D.; Johnson, R.; Davis, N.
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network: Keeping Education in the Dark 97 Ross, R.J.; Barton, J.A.; Rosing, W.E.
Efforts of Space Science EPO Professionals to Meet the Needs of Pre-Service Students and Faculty: Analysis of Results 99 Ruberg, L.; Smith, D.; Shipp, S.; Shupla, C.; Grier, J.
Tormenta Espacial: Engaging Spanish Speakers in the Planetarium and K-12 Classroom 101 Salas, F.; Duncan, D.; Traub-Metlay, S.
Adaptive Optics Educational Outreach and the Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope 103 Sparks, R.T.; Pompea, S.M.; Walker, C.E.
Inspiring 1000 Middle School Students at Princeton University’s Materials Science and Engineering Expo 105 Steinberg, D.; Swilley, S.
An Innovative Field Trip Experience for Ohio Middle School Students and Teachers 107 Terndrup, D.M.; Wojton, M.A.; Sparks, L.; Dungan, R.
Selene: A Videogame for Learning about the Moon . 109 Wood, C.A.; Reese, D.D.
The Sky is the Limit!: The Benefits from Partnering with the Project ASTRO National Network 111 Zevin, D.; Walker, C.; Wilson, R.; van der Veen, W.; Moody, T.R.; Fraknoi, A.; Gurton, S.; White, V.; Harvey, J.; Cooper, L.; Regas, D.; Guttman, P.; Smith, R.
Part 2. Broadening the Audience   
Partnerships with Planetariums to Broaden the Audience And Communicate Advances in Astronomy 119 Bishop, J.; Cuipik, L.; Elvert, J.; James, W.; Kaler, J.; Landis, R.
Your Face(book) and MySpace: Let’s Hook Up 129 Gay, P.L.; Foster, T.
The Living Astronomy and People of the Mayan World Today: Engaging Hispanic Populations in Science 133 Hawkins, I.; Tapia, F.
When Everybody Wins: Strategies for Diverse EPO Partnerships 137 Buxner, S.R.; Bitter, C.; Shaner, A.J.
Touching the Moon and the Stars: Astronomy for the Visually Impaired 145 Alonso, J.L.; Pantoja, C.A.; Isidro, G.M.; Bartus, P.
Multicultural Astronomy Learning Using Sunrise and Sunset Phenomena 153 Massalha, T.
When Everybody Wins: EPO and Underserved Communities 161 Bitter, C.; Buxner, S.R.; Shaner, A.
University Astronomy: Instructional Strategies for the Visually Impaired 163 Dawson, D.W.
Gemini Observatory Outreach and Educational Programming in Chile 165 Garcia Ureta, M.A.
Teaching Astronomy 101 at a Native American Community College 167 Garmany, C.D.; Francisco, D.
Touch the Invisible Sky: A Multi-Wavelength Braille Book Featuring Tactile NASA Images 169 Grice, N.; Steel, S.; Daou, D.
What Can Science Do for Me? Engaging Urban Teens in the Chandra Astrophysics Institute 171 Hartman, M.; Porro, I.; Baganoff, F.
Expanding the Partnership of Researchers, Teachers and Parents through Science Museum Activities 173 Kimura, K.; Hoette, V.
Motivating Reluctant Learners with a Big Bang 175 Lochner, J.C.; Cvetic, G.A.; Hall, J.B.
Astronomy Outreach for Special Needs Children 177 Lubowich, D.
EuroPlaNet: Improving the Communication on Planetary Sciences 179 Nazé, Y.; Heward, A.
Results of Modifying Astronomy Curriculum for Special Needs Students Using Best Practices 181 Olsen, J.K.; Slater, T.F.
Making Space Science Elementary!: Broadening our Audience to Include the K-4 Classroom 183 Paglierani, R.L.; Schultz, G.R.; McConnell, S.L.
Cosmology and Globalization 185 Perkins, K.
Youth Astronomy Apprenticeship (YAA): An Initiative to Promote Science Learning Among Urban Youth and Their Communities 187 Porro, I.; Dini, V.; Prol, T.
The Supernova Club: Bringing Space Science to Urban Youths 189 Sakimoto, P.J.; Pettit, R.; Balsara, D.; Garnavich, P.
Balloon Payload Project at the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam 191 Teays, T.; Bowden, M.; Ellsberry, A.; Riccobono, M.A.
A Fully Wheelchair Accessible Telescope for the Frank N. Bash Visitors Center 193 Cianciolo, F.; Wren, W.; Jones, M.; Dubberly, M.
Hands-On Optics in an Informal Setting: Science Camps 195 Peruta, C.; Walker, C.E.; Sparks, R.T.; Pompea, S.M.; Dokter, E.
Music of the Spheres: Astronomy-Inspired Music as an EPO Tool 197 Fraknoi, A.
Part 3.
Linking Research with EPO
Engaging Learners with Space Telescope Data: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Across the Spectrum 203 Dussault, M.; Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Summers, F.; McCallister, D.; Thaller, M.; Lochner, J.; Hartman, M.
Astronomy Village: Innovative Uses of Planetary Astronomy Images and Data 211 Croft, S.K.; Pompea, S.M.
SpaceScience@Home: Authentic Research Projects that Use Citizen Scientists 219 Méndez, B.J.H.
Building the World Wide Telescope 227 Wong, C.
No Ph.D. Required: Remote Telescopes Reaching a Wider Audience 231 White, V.; Croft, S.K.; Gould, A.; Gould, R.R.; O’Dea, T.; Roche, P.
Using Collaborative Environments in Research-Based Science Education 239 Fortson, L.; SubbaRao, M.; Greenberg, G.
A Proposal to Make the Dark Universe Visible 247 Craig, M.W.
Wilderness of Rocks Asteroid Project 249 Croft, S.K.; Sparks, R.T.; Pompea, S.M.
University / Science Center Exhibit Development Collaboration: Strategies and Lessons Learned 251 Raddick, M.J.; Carliles, S.; Bartelme, L.; Patterson, J.
Space Weather Monitoring for the IHY: Involving Students Worldwide in the Research Process 253 Scherrer, D.; Burress, B.; Ross, K.
MARSFEST Evaluation - One Year Post Evaluation Results 255 Shaner, A.; Buxner, S.; Keller, J.; Bitter, C.
Need for Planetary Science Data in Formal Education Classrooms 257 Slater, T.F.; Richwine, P.L.; Parker, S.J.; Shipp, S.; Lowes, L.
The ALIVE Project: Astronomy Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments 259 Yu, K.C.; Sahami, K.; Denn, G.
Part 4.
The Changing EPO Profession
Understanding and Learning From Your Audiences 265 Berendsen, M.; Gurton, S.; Hurst, A.; Gould, A.
The Role of EPO Professionals in Communicating and Teaching the Science of NASA and NSF 273 Steinberg, D.; Swilley, S.; Andrews, J.
A Community Conversation: Developing a Master’s in Astronomy/Space Science Education and Public Outreach 279 Gibbs, M.; Bartolone, L.M.; Mickus, J.
Checking Your Alignment: EPO Activities and National/State/District Science Education Standards 283 Larsen, K.; Bednarski, M.
Professional Development for Education-Engaged Scientists: A Research-Based Framework 289 Laursen, S.L.; Thiry, H.; Hunter, A.-B.
A Field Trip to the Moon: a Research-Based Model for Creating and Evaluating a Visualization-Based Museum Program 299 Connolly, R.; Emmart, C.; Kinzler, R.; Danly, L.
Family Astronomy: Improving Practices and Developing New Approaches 309 Noel-Storr, J.; Drobnes, E.; Mitchell, S.E.
Designing and Teaching to the Standards, and Beyond! 317 Schultz, G.; Gould, A.; Erickson, J.; Chen, J.K.; Wierman, T.
Implications for EPO Design from Cognitive Science and Educational Design Research 327 Carney, K.
Portfolio on a Shoestring 335 Mitchell, S.E.; Barbier, S.B.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Lochner, J.C.
A Graduate-Level Professional Development Program in Science for In-Service Middle and High School Teachers 343 Beck-Winchatz, B.; Narasimhan, L.; Jabon, D.
A Guide to the Learning Cycle and Exploring Student Ideas in Science 353 van der Veen, W.; Moody, T.; Drobnes, E.
Drive-By Professional Development is NOT the Answer 361 Bednarski, M.
The Collection of Data for the Research Component of the Internet-Based, “Doctor of Astronomy” Professional Degree Program at James Cook University 367 Millar, W.; White, G.L.; Filipovic, M.; Hons, A.
Project S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (Science Communities Involve Everyone in Collaborative Endeavors) 369 Bednarski, M.
Understanding the Regulations and Ethical Considerations of Astronomy Education Research 371 Buxner, S.R.; Brogt, E.; Dokter, E.F.C.; Antonellis, J.C.
Building a Data Education Community Online 373 Christian, C.A.; Raddick, J.; Borne, K.
Lessons Learned Beyond the Solar System 375 Dussault, M.; Reinfeld, E.; Gould, R.
Adapting Formal Education Materials for Out-of-School Settings 377 Gibbons, H.; Smith, D.A.
Astro 001: Interactive, Online, and with a Sci-Fi Storyline 379 Herrmann, K.A.; Palma, C.; Charlton, J.C.; Narayanan, A.
LSST EPO: Understanding by Design 381 Jacoby, S.H.; Olsen, J.K.; Schultz, S.E.; Nichols, M.M.
Lessons From Breezy Hill: Thirteen Years of Children’s Activities at Stellafane 383 Larsen, K.
Education And Public Outreach for NASA’s WISE Mission . 385 Méndez, B.J.H.
The Evolution of the Penn State University Astronomy Outreach Program 387 Palma, C.; Charlton, J.C.
Searching for New Earths: Teaching Children How We Seek Distant Planets 389 Pulliam, C.
Part 5.
International Year of Astronomy 2009
Dark Skies as a Universal Resource, Citizen-Scientists, and the International Year of Astronomy 395 Walker, C.E.; Pompea, S.M.; Sparks, R.T.; Bueter, C.
IYA Tabloid in Your Community 405 Harvey, J.
The International Year of Astronomy 2009: U.S. Goals, Themes and Plans 409 Isbell, D.; Duestua
Using the Hands-On Optics “Terrific Telescopes” Kit in the International Year of Astronomy 415 Pompea, S.M.; Walker, C.E.; Sparks, R.T.
Using New Media to Reach Broad Audiences 421 Gay, P.L.; IYA New Media Working Group
GLOBE at Night 2.0: On the Road Toward IYA 2009 423 Walker, C.E.; Pompea, S.M.; Isbell, D.
Looking Through a Telescope During the International Year of Astronomy 2009 425 Fienberg, R.T.; Isbell, D.; Deustua, S.E.
Telescope Kits and Optics Challenges for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 429 Pompea, S.M.; Isbell, D.; Fienberg, R.T.; Deustua, S.
The International Year of Astronomy 2009: NASA Science Mission Directorate Contributions 431 Smith, D.A.; Dussault, M.; Lowes, L.; Hasan, H.; Daou, D.; Lindstrom, M.
Plans in Canada for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 433 Hesser, J.; English, J.; Lacasse, R.; Young, S.; Percy, J.
Part 6.
ASP Networking Sessions Summary 441 Bartolone, L.M.
Summary of Innovative Partnerships and Delivery Methods 447 Hurtl, R.L.
Towards Broadening the Audience 453 Sakimoto, P.J.
The Evolving Nature of Astronomy Research and its Implications for EPO 461 Raddick, M.J.
The EPO Profession: A Changing World 469 DeVore, E.K.
Back Matter   
Volume 389 Back Matter 477 Garmany, C.; Gibbs, M.G.; Moody, J.W.
Volume 389 Photographs 999 Garmany, C.; Gibbs, M.G.; Moody, J.W.