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Paper: Implications for EPO Design from Cognitive Science and Educational Design Research
Volume: 389, EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships
Page: 327
Authors: Carney, K.
Abstract: In the last thirty years, cognitive scientists have come to new understandings of how people remember, develop and use knowledge, as well as what useful knowledge looks like. These new understandings have profound implications for the educational pro-fession in general and open up questions as well as opportunities for the EPO profession. This session will begin with an introduction to what we know about knowledge, memory and reasoning and then talk about learning/instructional opportunities for using the EPO community to address some of these needs. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on the kinds of knowledge involved in their EPO programs and what cognitive science says about what it takes to learn such knowledge. They then will be introduced to general tools from the educational design community that they could use to help learners build appropriate understandings.
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