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Paper: Deep Wide-Field GMRT Surveys at 610 MHz
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 22
Authors: Green, D.A.; Garn, T.S.
Abstract: The GMRT has been used to make deep, wide-field surveys of several fields at 610 MHz, with a resolution of about 5 arcsec. These include the Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey field, where 4 square degrees were observed with a r.m.s. sensitivity of about 30 μJy beam−1, and several SWIRE fields (namely the Lockman Hole, ELAIS-N1 and N2 fields) covering more than 20 square degrees with a sensitivity of about 80 μJy beam−1 or better. The analysis of these observations, and some of the science results are described.
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