Title: The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Volume: 407 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Saikia, D.J.; Green, D.A.; Gupta, Y.; Venturi, T.
A strong resurgence of interest in low-frequency radio astronomy in the past few decades has led to addressing many of the outstanding and challenging astrophysical and technical problems and issues. The GMRT has been in operation for close to a decade. Early results have been reported from LOFAR. The next generation of telescopes such as the LWA, MWA, MeerKAT, ASKAP and SKA should provide exciting challenges, results, and opportunities.

To discuss recent results and astrophysical problems as well as a range of technical issues at low radio frequencies, a conference and workshop was held at the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. This event commemorated the birth centenary of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, who contributed immensely in both the sciences and the arts.

There were approximately 130 participants from over a dozen countries. The conference brought together experts with a wide range of interests from major observatories and institutions across the world as well as younger research workers largely from within India. There were over 100 papers presented, including several extensive reviews, on a large variety of topics including low-frequency surveys and cosmology, extragalactic neutral hydrogen and OH, extragalactic radio sources, clusters of galaxies, our Galaxy, pulsars, transients and high-energy sources, Sun and planetary studies, and instrumentation and techniques. The book provides an overview of research at low radio frequencies and should be of interest to a wide spectrum of students and researchers.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 407 Cover Saikia, D.J.; Green, D.A.; Gupta, Y.; Venturi, T.
Front Matter   
Volume 407 Front Matter 1 Saikia, D.J.; Green, D.A.; Gupta, Y.; Venturi, T.
Conference Photograph   
Volume 407 Conference Photograph 2 Saikia, D.J.; Green, D.A.; Gupta, Y.; Venturi, T.
Part 1. Low Frequency Surveys and Cosmology   
The First Deep WSRT 150 MHz Full Polarization Observations 3 de Bruyn, A.G.; Bernardi, G.; the LOFAR EoR-team
High-Resolution Spectro-Polarimetric Radio Surveys 12 Taylor, A.R.
Deep Wide-Field GMRT Surveys at 610 MHz 22 Green, D.A.; Garn, T.S.
325-MHz Observations of the ELAIS-N1 Field 27 Sirothia, S.K.; Dennefeld, M.; Saikia, D.J.; Dole, H.; Ricquebourg, F.; Roland, J.
Exploring Weak Magnetic Fields with LOFAR and SKA 33 Arshakian, T.G.; Beck, R.
Searching for Ionized Bubbles in 21-cm Maps 39 Datta, K.K.; Majumdar, S.; Bharadwaj, S.; Choudhury, T. Roy
A Program to Search for Ultra-Steep Spectrum Radio Sources with the GMRT 43 Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Sirothia, S.K.; Pal, S.; Wadadekar, Y.
Extended Sources from Deep GMRT 150 MHz Observations 47 George, S.J.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.
Observations at 325 MHz of the WMAP Cold Spot 51 Sirothia, S.K.; Swarup, G.; Shukla, H.
Part 2. Extragalactic Neutral Hydrogen and OH   
Absorbing Galaxies 57 Kanekar, N.
21-cm Absorbers at Intermediate Redshifts 67 Gupta, N.; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, P.; Noterdaeme, P.; Saikia, D.J.
OH MM/ULIRGs at High Redshifts: What Can They Tell Us ? 73 Baan, W.A.
Origin of Disk Lopsidedness in Spiral Galaxies 79 Angiras, R.A.; Jog, C.J.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Omar, A.; Verheijen, M.A.W.
Probing Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies 83 Dutta, P.; Begum, A.; Bharadwaj, S.; Chengalur, J.N.
An Overview of The HΙ Nearby Galaxy Survey (THINGS) 88 de Blok, W.J.G.; Walter, F.; Brinks, E.; Bigiel, F.; Bagetakos, I.; Leroy, A.; Oh, S.-H.; Portas, A.; Rich, J.W.; Tamburro, D.; Trachternach, C.; Usero, A.; Zwaan, M.
High Resolution HI Observations of the Very Metal-Poor System SBS 0335–052 95 Ekta, B.; Chengalur, J.N.; Pustilnik, S.
Dark Matter Halo Properties as Deduced from the Observed HΙ Scale Height Data 99 Banerjee, A.; Jog, C.J.; Matthews, L.D.
A Multiwavelength Study of a Young, Z-shaped, FR I Radio Galaxy NGC 3801 104 Hota, A.; Lim, J.; Ohyama, Y.; Saikia, D.J.; Dinh-V-Trung; Croston, J.H.
Gas and Star Formation in Extremely Faint Dwarf Galaxies 106 Roychowdhury, S.; Chengalur, J.N.; Begum, A.; Karachentsev, I.D.
GMRT HΙ Observations of M51-like Systems: Arp 086 and Arp 072 110 Sengupta, C.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Saikia, D.J.
Radio Continuum and HI Study of Optically Selected Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies: Mrk 1039 and Mrk 0104 114 Ramya, S.; Kantharia, N.G.; Prabhu, T.P.
Part 3. Extragalactic Radio Sources   
Radio Galaxy Physics at Low Frequencies: Lobes, Jets and Environments 121 Hardcastle, M.J.
Radio Galaxies as Probes of the Large-Scale External Medium 131 Saripalli, L.
A Multifrequency Study of Double-Double Radio Galaxies 137 Jamrozy, M.; Konar, C.; Saikia, D.J.; Machalski, J.
Radio Emission and Properties of Spitzer Selected Starbursts at z ~ 2 142 Omont, A.; Fiolet, N.; Polletta, M.; Owen, F.; Lonsdale, C.; Berta, S.; the SWIMAMBO Collaboration
Magnetic fields in Distant Spiral Galaxies 147 Stil, J.M.
Low-Frequency Results for the Radio Galaxies and the Role of GMRT 157 Lal, D.V.
Steep-Spectrum Sources from the VLA 74 MHz Survey 162 Dwarakanath, K.S.; Kale, R.
Radio Emission from AGN in Giant LSB Galaxies 167 Das, M.; Kantharia, N.G.; Vogel, S.N.; McGaugh, S.S.
Low Frequency Radio Emission from Seyfert Galaxies 173 Singh, V.; Shastri, P.; Athreya, R.
Prolonged Intranight Optical Quiescence of the Classical BL Lac Object PKS 0735+178 176 Goyal, A.; Gopal-Krishna; Anupama, G.C.; Sahu, D.K.; Sagar, R.; Britzen, S.; Karazous, M.; Aller, M.F.; Aller, H.D.
Equipartition, Minimum Energy Density and Maximum Brightness Temperature of a Synchrotron Source 180 Singal, A.K.
Possible Relic Lobes in Giant Radio Sources 184 Godambe, S.; Konar, C.; Saikia, D.J.; Wiita, P.J.
Spectral Ages of Giant Radio Sources 188 Konar, C.; Saikia, D.J.; Jamrozy, M.; Machalski, J.
A Radio and X-ray Study of 3CR457 and its Environment 192 Konar, C.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Croston, J.H.; Saikia, D.J.
Dynamical Age vs Spectral Age of the Lobes of Selected Giant Radio Sources (GRGs) 196 Machalski, J.; Jamrozy, M.; Saikia, D.J.
A Giant Radio Jet of Very Unusual Polarization in a Single-Lobed Radio Galaxy 200 Bagchi, J.; Gopal-Krishna; Krause, M.; Konar, C.; Joshi, S.
A GMRT Search for Relic Radio Emission 204 Sirothia, S.K.; Saikia, D.J.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Kantharia, N.G.
Radio Observations of Bulgeless Spiral Galaxies 208 Das, M.; Sengupta, C.
Radio Continuum Studies of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies 212 Srivastava, S.; Kantharia, N.G.; Srivastava, D.C.; Mishra, A.; Srivastava, A.K.; Ananthakrishnan, S.
Radio Continuum Studies of Halos of Edge-on Disk Galaxies 216 Srivastava, A.K.; Kantharia, N.G.; Srivastava, D.C.; Ananthakrishnan, S.; Kodilkar, J.; Redij, A.; Dhanya, Srivastava, S.; Mishra, A.
Part 4. Clusters of Galaxies   
Large-scale Diffuse Radio Emission from Clusters of Galaxies and the Importance of Low Frequency Radio Observations 223 Cassano, R.
The GMRT Radio Halo Survey and Low Frequency Follow–up 232 Venturi, T.; Giacintucci, S.; Cassano, R.; Brunetti, G.; Dallacasa, D.; Macario, G.; Setti, G.; Bardelli, S.; Athreya, R.
Diffuse Radio Emission in the Galaxy Cluster Abell 754 237 Kale, R.; Dwarakanath, K.S.
Polarization In and Around the Galaxy Cluster Abell 2255 241 Pizzo, R.F.; de Bruyn, A.G.; Brentjens, M.A.
AGN Feedback in Groups and Clusters of Galaxies 246 Raychaudhury, S.; Giacintucci, S.; O’Sullivan, E.; Vrtilek, J.; Croston, J.; Athreya, R.; David, L.; Venturi, T.
A Joint GMRT/X-ray Study of Galaxy Groups 250 O’Sullivan, E.; Giacintucci, S.; Vrtilek, J.M.; Raychaudhury, S.; Athreya,R.; Venturi, T.; David, L.P.
Diffuse Bubble-Like Radio-Halo Emission in MRC 0116+111: Imprint of AGN Feedback in a Distant Cluster of Galaxies 255 Bagchi, J.; Jacob, J.; Gopal-Krishna, Wadnerkar, N.; Belapure, J.; Werner, N.; Kumbharkhane, A.C.
Nature of Meterwave Luminous Objects and Search for Electron-Cyclotron Maser Emission 260 Deguchi, S.; Koike, K.; Balasubramanyam, R.
Part 5. Our Galaxy   
Low Frequency Observations towards the Galactic Center 267 Roy, S.; Rao, A.P.
Turbulence in Cold Neutral ISM and in Supernova Remnants 272 Roy, N.; Chengalur, J.N.; Bharadwaj, S.; Dutta, P.
Multifrequency Observation of Cygnus X–3 at the Time of Giant Flare in 2006 May-June 277 Pal, S.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Rao, A.P.
The Galactic ALFA Continuum Transit Survey: GALFACTS 282 Guram, S.S.; Taylor, A.R.
Part 6. Pulsars, Transients and High-Energy Sources   
Radio Properties of Very High Energy Gamma-ray Sources 289 Paredes, J.M.
Five Years of Multi-frequency Monitoring of GRB030329 Afterglow Using the GMRT and WSRT 295 Kamble, A.; van der Horst, A.J.; Bhattacharya, D.; Wijers,R.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Resmi, L.; Rol, E.; Kouveliotou, C.; Strom, R.
Glitches from the Young Pulsar J1833-1034 299 Roy, J.; Gupta, Y.; Lewandowski, W.
Peculiar Nulling in PSR J1738−2330 304 Gajjar, V.; Joshi, B.C.; Kramer, M.
Mechanisms of the Physical Connection between the Radio and High-energy Emissions of Pulsars 309 Petrova, S.A.
Wide Profile Drifting Pulsars: An Elegant way to Probe Pulsar Magnetospheres 313 Bhattacharyya, B.; Gupta, Y.; Gil, J.
The Radio Sky on Short Timescales with LOFAR: Pulsars and Fast Transients 318 Hessels, J.W.T.; Stappers, B.W.; van Leeuwen, J. on behalf of the LOFAR
Understanding Pulsar Emission Profiles from Geometry and Rotation Effects 323 Thomas, R.M.C.; Gupta, Y.; Gangadhara, R.T.
Modeling of Polarization of Radio Pulsars 328 Gangadhara, R.T.
Physics of Pulsar Radio Emission Outside of the Main Pulse 333 Petrova, S.A.
Pulsar Profiles and Aberration–Retardation Effects 337 Krzeszowski, K.; Mitra, D.; Gupta, Y.; Kijak, J.; Gil, J.; Acharyya, A.
Turn-Over in Pulsar Radio Spectra 341 Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.; Gupta, Y.
Simultaneous Multi-frequency GMRT Observations of Millisecond Pulsars 345 Joshi, B.C.; Kramer, M.
GMRT Observations of H.E.S.S. Sources 349 Osborne, J.L.; Pandey-Pommier, M.; Udaya Shankar, N.
Orbital Parameters of Binary Radio Pulsars in Globular Clusters and Stellar Interactions 353 Bagchi,M.; Ray, A.
Part 7. Sun and Planetary Studies   
Radio Scintillation Imaging of Solar Wind Structures 359 Manoharan, P.K.
Constraining Solar Coronal Turbulence with Radio Data 365 Subramanian, P.; Cairns, I.
GMRT Observations of Jupiter’s Synchrotron Radio Emission at 610 MHz 369 Bhardwaj, A.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Misawa, H.; Imai, K.; Miyoshi, Y.; Tsuchiya, F.; Kondo, T.; Morioka, A.
Part 8. Instrumentation and Techniques   
Calibration and Imaging Challenges at Low Radio Frequencies: A Review of the State of the Art 375 Bhatnagar, S.
Calibrating LOFAR using the Black Board Selfcal System 384 Pandey, V.N.; van Zwieten, J.E.; de Bruyn, A.G.; Nijboer, R.
The GMRT: Background, Status, and Upgrades 389 Nityananda, R.
A 50 MHz System for GMRT 393 Udaya Shankar, N.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Amiri, S.; Somashekar, R.; Girish,B.S.; Laus, W.; Nayak, A.
Dynamic Range Improvement of GMRT Low Frequency Images 398 Prasad, P.; Subrahmanya, C.R.
Model-Driven Development of Control System Software 402 Roy Chaudhuri, S.; Ahuja, A.L.; Natarajan, S.; Vin, H.
A Minimum Variance Method for Problems in Radio Antenna Placement 411 Panduranga Rao, M.V.; Ahuja, A.L.; Iyengar, S.; Iyer, K.; Khade, R.; Lodha, S.; Mehta, D.; Nagy, B.
Architecture of a Generic Telescope Control and Monitoring System 416 Mohile, V.; Purkar, C.
Data Analysis Products from VO-India 420 Deshpande, M.; Moosani, V.
Homography-Based Correction of Positional Errors in MRT Survey 426 Nayak, A.; Daiboo, S.; Udaya Shankar, N.
Multi-Band Feeds: A Design Study 430 Maan, Y.; Amiri, S.; Raja, W.; Mehta, N.
12 GHz Radio-Holographic Surface Measurement of the RRI 10.4m Telescope 434 Balasubramanyam, R.; Venkatesh, S.; Raju, S.B.
Automated Telescope Scheduling 438 Gharote, M.S.; Deshpande, A.M.; Lodha, S.P.; Kantharia, N.G.; Wadadekar, Y.G.; Katore, S.N.; Rao, A.P.
Software Data-Processing Pipeline for Transient Detection 442 Chennamangalam, J.; Maan, Y.; Deshpande, A.A.
Science with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) 446 Johnston, S.; Feain, I.J.; Gupta, N.
Back Matter   
Volume 407 Back Matter 451 Saikia, D.J.; Green, D.A.; Gupta, Y.; Venturi, T.
Conference Photographs   
Conference Photographs 999 Saikia, D.J.; Green, D.A.; Gupta, Y.; Venturi, T.