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Paper: X-ray Bright Points Around Small Emerging Flux Regions
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 215
Authors: Yoshimura, K.
Abstract: We studied the development of soft X-ray (SXR) brightenings around emerging flux regions (EFRs) and found that the identified EFRs could be categorized into three groups by the SXR structures around them, i.e.: (1) loop brightening connecting between two opposite polarities in the EFR, (2) brightening around the edge of the EFR, and (3) no apparent structures. For the group (2), the onset of the SXR brightenings delayed longer than one hour after the appearances of the EFRs in magnetograph data. Magnetic cancellations in magnetograms were found around some, not all, of the EFRs. In one of the EFRs, “second” emergence of magnetic flux seems to trigger the SXR brightenings, which may suggest an energy release through an interaction between a pair of parallel flux tubes
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