Title: The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Volume: 415 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lites, B.; Cheung, M.; Magara, T.; Mariska, J.; Reeves, K.
The international Hinode mission was launched from Japan on 23 September 2006. The spacecraft carries a suite of instruments that permit observations of the Sun and its atmosphere with unprecedented resolution and precision. During its first two years of operation, Hinode has enabled numerous breakthroughs in our understanding of magnetic fields within the solar atmosphere and their relationship to the energetic solar phenomena that affect the Earth's space environment. Some of those breakthroughs were presented at the First Hinode Science Meeting held in Dublin, Ireland, in August 2007 (ASPCS Volume 397). By the time the Second Hinode Science Meeting was held in Boulder, Colorado, 29 September-3 October 2008, researchers had been able to subject Hinode data to in-depth, quantitative analyses and to make comparisons with detailed numerical and analytic models of solar phenomena. This volume presents brief summaries of work presented at the Second Hinode Science Meeting.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front matter   
Volume Cover Lites, B.; Cheung, M.; Magara, T.; Mariska, J.; Reeves, K.
Front Matter 1 Lites, B.; Cheung, M.; Magara, T.; Mariska, J.; Reeves, K.
Photograph of Participants 1 Lites, B.; Cheung, M.; Magara, T.; Mariska, J.; Reeves, K.
Hinode Mission Status   
Hinode Mission Status 1 Shimizu, T.
Session I. Hinode Perspectives on Coronal/Chromospheric Heating   
New Perspectives on the Photosphere/Corona Interface (Keynote) 7 Judge, P. G.
Examining the Effect of Local Magnetic Field on Coronal Bright Point Heating and Evolution. 15 Farid, S.; Saar, S.; Govindan, R.; Deluca, E.
Solar Plages: Observational Study of their Chromospheric Heating and Spicular Mass Ejections 19 Kitai, R.; Hashimoto, Y.; Anan, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Kawate, T.; Watanabe, H; Otsuji, K.; Nakamura, T.; Nishizuka, N.; Nishida, K.; Ueno,S.; Nagata, S.; Shibata K.
What Goes Up Doesn’t Necessarily Come Down! Connecting the Dynamics of the Chromosphere and Transition Region with TRACE, Hinode and SUMER 24 McIntosh, S.W.; De Pontieu B.
Hinode/EIS Observations of Propagating Slow Magnetoacoustic Waves in a Coronal Loop 28 Wang, T.J.; Ofman, L.; Davila J.M.
Characterizing the Temperature Discrimination Capability of the Hinode X-Ray Telescope 32 Weber M.
Interactions between Reversed Granulation, p-Modes, and Magnetism? 36 de Wijn, A.G.; McIntosh, S.W.; De Pontieu B.
Session II. Bringing Modeling and Observations Together   
The Small-Scale Solar Surface Dynamo (Keynote) 43 Pietarila Graham, J.; Danilovic, S.; Schüssler M.
X-Ray Jets in Coronal Holes: Numerical Simulation and Hinode Observations 51 Moreno-Insertis, F.; Galsgaard, K.; Ugarte-Urra, I.
Simulation and Analysis of Hinode Spectropolarimetric Observations 57 Orozco Suárez D.
Supergranulation Scale Convection Simulations 63 Stein, R.F.; Lagerfjård, A.; Nordlund, Å .; Georgobiani, D.; Benson,D.; Schaffenberger W.
The Horizontal Magnetic Field of the Quiet Sun: Numerical Simulations in Comparison to Observations with Hinode 67 Steiner, O.; Rezaei, R.; Schlichenmaier, R.; Schaffenberger, W.; Wedemeyer-Böhm, S.
Damping of Fast Magnetohydrodynamic Oscillations in Quiescent Filament Threads 71 Arregui, I.; Terradas, J.; Oliver, R.; Ballester J. L.
Intensification of Plasma Upflows in an Active Region—Coronal Hole Complex: A CME Precursor 75 Baker, D.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Murray, M. J.; Green, L. M.; Török, T.; Sun J.
Solar Surface Emerging Flux Regions: A Comparative Study of Radiative MHD Modeling and Hinode SOT Observations 79 Cheung, M.; Schüssler, M.; Tarbell, T. D.; Title A. M.
Realistic Numerical Modeling of Solar Magnetoconvection and Oscillations 83 Kitiashvili, I.; Jacoutot, L.; Kosovichev, A.; Wray, A.; Mansour N.
MULTI3D: A Domain-Decomposed 3D Radiative Transfer Code 87 Leenaarts, J.; Carlsson M.
Expansion of Magnetic Flux Concentrations With Height: A Comparison of Hinode SOT Data and MHD Simulations 91 Pietarila, A.; Cameron, R.; Solanki S.
On the Role of Acoustic-Gravity Waves in the Energetics of the Solar Atmosphere 95 Straus, T.; Fleck, B.; Jefferies, S. M.; McIntosh, S. W.; Severino, G.; Steffen, M.; Tarbell T. D.
Session III. Solar Magnetic Activity   
Magnetic Activity on the Sun Revealed by Hinode/SOT (Keynote) 101 Chae, J.; Park S.
Hinode/SOT Observations of Quiescent Prominence Dynamics 109 Berger T.
Downflow Patches in a Penumbra Observed with the Hinode Spectro-Polarimeter 117 Katsukawa, Y.; Jurčák, J.
Two Suggestions to See the Hidden Magnetism of the Solar Chromosphere 121 Trujillo Bueno, J.
Statistics of Convective Collapse Events in the Photosphere and Chromosphere Observed with the HINODE SOT 127 Fischer, C. E.; de Wijn, A. G.; Centeno, R.; Lites, B. W.; Keller C. U.
Properties of Transient Horizontal Magnetic Fields 132 Ishikawa, R.; Tsuneta S.
Fine Structure of a Coronal Bright Point as Seen with SoHO, TRACE, and Hinode 140 Pérez-Suárez, D.; Maclean, R. C.; Doyle, J. G.; Madjarska, M. S.
On the Relationship Between Polar Coronal Jets and Plumes 144 Raouafi, N.-E.
Hinode Observation of the Vector Magnetic Fields in a Sunspot Light Bridge Accompanied by Chromospheric Plasma Ejections 148 Shimizu, T.
Solar Polar Field Observed by SOHO/MDI and Hinode 152 Liu, Y.
Observations of Magnetic Elements in the Quiet Sun Internetwork 156 Balmaceda, L. A.; Palacios, J.; Cabello, I.; Domingo, V.
Two Ways of Improving Stokes Inversions 160 Becher, H.-M.; Fischer, C.; Keller, C.
Observations of Large-Scale Dynamic Bubbles in Prominences 163 de Toma, G.; Casini, R.; Berger, T. E.; Low, B. C.; de Wijn, A. G.; Burkepile, J. T.; Balasubramaniam, K. S.
Magnetic Flux Emergence on Different Scales 167 Hagenaar, M.; Cheung, M.
Is Flux Submergence an Essential Aspect of Flux Emergence? 172 Lites, B. W.; Frank, Z.; Shine, R. A.; Title, A. M.; Ichimoto, K.
The Density of Coronal Null Points from Hinode and MDI 178 Longcope, D.; Parnell, C.; DeForest, C.
Relating a Prominence Observed from the Solar Optical Telescope on the Hinode Satellite to Known 3-D Structures of Filaments 183 Martin, S.F.; Panasenco, O.; Agah, Y.; Engvold, O.; Lin,Y.
Study of Chromospheric Jets Using Hinode Observations and MHD Simulations: Evidence of Propagating Alfven Waves and Reconnection, and Its Implication to the Coronal Heating Problem 188 Nishizuka, N.; Shibata.K.
Plasma Motions in Prominences Observed by Hinode/SOT 196 Panasenco O.; Velli, M.
Supergranulation, Network Formation, and TFGs Evolution from Hinode Observations 203 Roudier, T.; Rincon, F.; Rieutord, M.; Brito, D.; Beigbeder, F.; Parés, L.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Meunier, N.; Berger, T.; Frank, Z.
17 GHz Active Region Model Using Magnetogram Extrapolation 207 Selhorst, C. L.; Silva-Válio, A.; Costa, J. E. R.
On the Relationship between Magnetic Field and Mesogranulation 211 de Wijn A.G.; Müller,D.
X-ray Bright Points Around Small Emerging Flux Regions 215 Yoshimura, K.
Session IV. Perspectives on the Physics of Coronal Loops   
Coronal Loop Models and Those Annoying Observations! (Keynote) 221 Klimchuk, J.A.
Hydrodynamic Modeling of Coronal Loops with Hinode and STEREO 234 Aschwanden, M.J.
Hinode Coronal Loop Observations 241 Ugarte-Urra, I.; Warren, H. P.; Brooks, D. H.
Alfvén Wave and Nanoflare Reconnection Heating: How to Distinguish Them Observationally? 247 Antolin, P.; Shibata, K.; Kudoh, T.; Shiota, D.; Brooks, D.
Coronal Plasma Motions in Active Region Loops Observed with Hinode EIS 252 Hara, H.
XRT Detection of Hot Plasma in Active Regions and Nanoflare Heating 256 Reale, F.; Klimchuk, J. A.; Parenti, S.; Testa, P.
Diagnostics of Active Region Loops Observed with Hinode/EIS 260 Tripathi, D.; Mason, H. E.; Dwivedi, B. N.; Del Zanna, G.; Young, P. R.
Coronal Loops: New Insights from EIS Observations 264 Del Zanna, G.; Bradshaw, S. J.
Modeling Twisted Coronal Loops: AR 10938 268 Golub, L.; Engell, A. J.; van Ballegooijen, A. A.; Korreck, K. E.; Reeves, K. K.
Radiation Transfer Analysis on Heating Mechanism of Magnetohydrodynamic Emerging Magnetic Flux Tube 272 Kato, Y.; Magara, T.; Shimizu, T.
Ultra-Hot Plasma in Active Regions Observed by the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode 275 Ko, Y.-K.; Doschek, G.A.; Warren, H.P.; Young, P.R.
Evolution of Magnetic Properties for Two Active Regions Observed by Hinode/XRT and TRACE 279 Lee, J.-Y.; Leka, K. D.; Barnes, G.; Reeves, K. K.; Korreck, K. E.; Golub,L.
Doppler Shift Oscillations Observed with the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode 283 Mariska, J.T.
Evolution of a Coronal Twisted Flux Rope 287 Raouafi,N.-E.
Formation and Dynamics of Multi-thread Arcades of Coronal Loops 291 Ryutova, M.; Frank, Z.; Berger,T.
TRACE Observational Consequences of a Synthetic Multithermal Loop 295 Sarkar, A.; Walsh, R.W.
Coronal Loop Temperatures Obtained with Hinode XRT: A Toothpaste-Tube Analogy 299 Schmelz, J. T.; Saar, S. H.; Weber, M. A.; DeLuca, E. E.; Golub,L.
The Temperature Structure of Active Region Loops 303 Warren, H. P.; Ugarte-Urra, I.; DeGiorgi, A.
Session V. Past, Present, and Future Collaborative Observational/Theory Programs   
Results from the Past Hinode/SUMER Campaigns 309 Teriaca, L.
Multi-Instrument Campaigns to Observe the Off-Limb Corona 315 Del Zanna, G.; Andretta, V.; Poletto, G.; Teriaca, L.; Ko, Y.-K.; Mason, H. E.; Vourdilas, A.; Bemporad, A.; Magri, M.
Morphology and Dynamics of Photospheric and Chromospheric Magnetic Fields 319 Wöger, F.; Wedemeyer–Böhm, S.; Rimmele, T.
Hinode’s SP and G-band Co-Alignment 323 Centeno, R.; Lites, B.; de Wijn, A. G.; Elmore, D.
Internetwork Horizontal Magnetic Fields in the Quiet Sun Chromosphere: Results from a Joint Hinode/VTT Study 327 Lagg, A.; Ishikawa, R.; Merenda, L.; Wiegelmann, T.; Tsuneta, S.; Solanki, S. K.
Service-Mode Observations for Ground-Based Solar Physics 332 Reardon, K. P.; Rimmele, T.; Tritschler, A.; Cauzzi, G.; Wöger, F.; Uitenbroek, H.; Tsuneta, S.; Berger, T.
Session VI. Sunspot Structure and Dynamics   
Structure and Dynamics of Sunspots (Keynote) 339 Tritschler, A.
Radiative MHD Modeling of Sunspot Fine Structure 351 Rempel, M.
Magnetic Flux Budget in a Decaying Active Region 359 Kubo, M.; Lites, B. W.; Shimizu, T.; Ichimoto, K.
Sunspot Penumbrae: Formation and Fine Structure 361 Ryutova, M.; Berger, T.; Title, A.
An Automated Ambiguity-Resolution Code for Hinode/SB Vector Magnetic Field Data 365 Leka, K. D.; Barnes, G.; Crouch, A.
Spectral Analysis of Sunspot Penumbrae Observed with Hinode 369 Franz, M.; Schlichenmaier, R.
Response of the Chromosphere to Penumbral Dynamics: Bow Shocks and Microjets 373 Ryutova, M.; Berger, T.; Frank, Z.; Title, A.
Magnetic Structure of Umbral Dots with SOT SP 378 Watanabe, H.; Kitai, R.; Ichimoto, K.; Katsukawa, Y.
Session VII. Source of the Solar Wind/CME   
An Erupting Filament and Associated CME Observed by Hinode, STEREO, and SOHO 385 Bemporad, A.; Del Zanna, G.; Andretta, V.; Magrí , M.; Poletto, G.; Ko, Y.-K.
Study of Quiet Sun Through the Solar Atmosphere: From the Chromosphere Up to Coronal Layers 389 Abbo, L.; Gabriel, A.; Harra, L.
More of the Inconvenient Truth About Coronal Dimmings 393 McIntosh, S. W.; Burkepile, J.; Leamon, R. J.
Session VIII. Local Helioseismology with Hinode   
Recent Progress and Future Directions for Helioseismology 399 Kosovichev, A.; Zhao, J.; Sekii, T.; Nagashima, K.; Mitra-Kraev, U.
Hinode/SOT Helioseismic Observations 405 Sekii, T.
Subsurface Structures and Flow Fields of an Active Region Observed by Hinode 411 Zhao, J.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Sekii, T.
Travel-Time Analyses of an Emerging-Flux Region 417 Nagashima, K.; Sekii, T.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Zhao, J.; Tarbell,T. D.
Comparing the Hinode and SOHO/MDI Data to the Simulated Large Scale Solar Convection 421 Georgobiani, D.; Zhao, J.; Kosovichev, A.; Benson, D.; Stein, R. F.; Nordlund Å .
Session IX. Flare Physics   
Flare Physics in the Hinode Era (Keynote) 427 McKenzie, D. E.
Can a Single Reconnecting Current Sheet Model of a CME or a Flare Accelerate the Required Electron Fluxes Needed to Explain Non-Thermal X-ray Events Accompanying These Events? 435 Spicer, D. S.; Bingham, R.
Saturation of Magnetic Helicity as an Indicator of the Possible Occurrence of a Solar Flare 439 Magara, T.
DEM Temperature Analysis of Post-Flare Loops Using Hinode’s X-Ray Telescope 443 Reeves, K. K.; Weber, M. A.
Direct Observation of High-Speed Reconnection Outflows With SOHO/SUMER, TRACE and RHESSI 447 Wang, T. J.; Sui, L.; Qiu, J.
Spontaneous Current Sheet Formation and Break-Up of Magnetic Flux Surfaces 451 Bhattacharyya, R.; Low, B. C.; Smolarkiewicz, P. K.
Detecting and Measuring Reconnection Outflows in the Hinode Era 455 Savage, S. L.; McKenzie, D. E.
Characteristics of the Nonthermal Velocity Signature Observed in the Impulsive Phase of the 2007 May 19 Flare 459 Hara, H.; Watanabe, T.; Bone, L. A.; Culhane, J. L.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Young, P. R.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 463 Lites, B.; Cheung, M.; Magara, T.; Mariska, J.; Reeves, K.