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Paper: Coronal Loops: New Insights from EIS Observations
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 264
Authors: Del Zanna, G.; Bradshaw, S. J.
Abstract: Multi-instrument observations of coronal loops of different active regions have been studied. The general features discussed in Del Zanna (2003) and Del Zanna and Mason (2003) based on SOHO/CDS are confirmed. Hinode EIS high-cadence observations clearly show how dynamic loops are at all temperatures. This clearly reflects the fast changes in the photospheric magnetic fields measured by SOT over a minute timescale. Despite that, persistent patterns are present. In particular, the pattern of Doppler shifts and non-thermal widths, found for the first time in NOAA 10926 (cf. Del Zanna 2007, 2008), is actually a common feature in all active regions. It is likely that the majority of cool (0.5–1 MK) loops are observed during their radiatively cooling phase.
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