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Paper: Results from the Past Hinode/SUMER Campaigns
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 309
Authors: Teriaca, L.
Abstract: The SUMER VUV spectrometer aboard SOHO currently observes spectral lines and continua in the 67 nm to 150 nm range. This emission mostly samples the solar atmosphere from the chromosphere to the lower corona (≤ 1 MK), through the transition region. As such, this instrument is an ideal complement to the Hinode instruments, helping coupling the observations of the photospheric magnetic field and of the photospheric and chromospheric emission performed by SOT with the images and spectra of the hot corona (≥ 1 MK) obtained by XRT and EIS. Since the launch of Hinode in the fall of 2006, there have been six SUMER campaigns during which combined observations were obtained. Of these, three are full bilateral joint campaigns, the last of which was run at the end of September 2008. Here I report on some of the scientific results derived from these campaigns.
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