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Paper: Dark Matter Substructure, Filaments and Assembling Disks
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 39
Authors: Shlosman, I.
Abstract: We review some general properties of assembling galactic dark matter (DM) halos which have a direct effect on the baryon dynamics. Specifically, we focus on the mutual dynamical feedback between baryons and DM which influence disk formation and evolution, by comparing models with and without baryons evolved from identical initial conditions. Baryons are found to be capable of modifying the DM density profiles of inner halos, leading to isothermal profiles rather than the NFW cusps. Those can be leveled off by the subsequent dynamical friction of the subhalos at lower z. Furthermore, subhalos appear efficient in triggering galactic bars and ablating cold gas from the disks, and therefore quenching of star formation there.
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