Title: Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Volume: 419 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; Hao, L.; Blanc, G.
The conference “Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges” was sponsored by the McDonald Observatory and Department of Astronomy Board of Visitors Excellence Funds. It brought together leading observers and theorists from thirty-three institutions and eleven countries to assess recent progress on galaxy evolution, evaluate long-standing paradigms, and brainstorm on possible solutions to outstanding challenges.

The great strides made on both observational and theoretical fronts in charting the merger, star formation, and assembly history of galaxies are reviewed in this volume. What is the current status of attempts to resolve long-standing challenges to the Λ-cold dark matter model of galaxy evolution, such as the angular momentum problem, the problem of bulgeless galaxies, the sub-structure problem, and the cusp-core controversy? What are the implications of the surprising new results emerging on the assembly of disks, bulges, and ellipticals over the last twelve billion years? What are the relative roles of major mergers, minor mergers, smooth accretion, and secular processes in the assembly of massive galaxies? What is the impact of feedback from star formation and active galactic nuclei on galaxy evolution? What observational constraints are needed by theorists, and what theoretical guidance is needed by observers, in order to tackle the next cosmic frontiers? These questions were discussed in the conference, and the results are summarized in this proceedings volume.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Volume Cover Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; Hao, L.; Blanc, G.
Front matter 1 Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; Hao, L.; Blanc, G.
Conference Photograph 1 Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; Hao, L.; Blanc, G.
Part 1. Assembly of Disks, Bulges, and Ellipticals   
Galactic Disk Formation and the Angular Momentum Problem 3 Burkert, A.
Disk Galaxies at z=2 in OWLS 10 Navarro, J. F.; Sales, L. V.; OWLS team
Forming Bulgeless Dwarf Galaxies 18 Governato, F.
Bulge Formation by the Coalescence of Giant Clumps in Primordial Disk Galaxies 23 Elmegreen, B. G.
Secular Evolution and the Assembly of Bulges 31 Combes, F.
Dark Matter Substructure, Filaments and Assembling Disks 39 Shlosman, I.
Nuclear Star Clusters in Spheroidal and Late-Type Disk Galaxies 46 Milosavljevic´, M.; Agarwal, M.
Kinematics of LSB and Dwarfs: Implications for LCDM Models 53 Rhee, G.
Star-Forming Galaxies at z∼2: An Emerging Picture of Galaxy Dynamics and Assembly 60 Shapiro, K. L.; Genzel, R.; Bouché, N.; Buschkamp, P.; Cresci, G.; Davies, R.; Eisenhauer, F.; Förster Schreiber, N.; Genel, S.; Hicks, E.; Lutz, D.; Tacconi, L.
The Elaboration of Spiral Galaxies: Morpho-Kinematics Analyses of their Progenitors with IMAGES 66 Hammer, F.; IMAGES Collaboration
Properties and Origin of Bulges in High Mass Spirals 74 Weinzirl, T.; Jogee, S.; Khochfar, S.; Burkert, A.; Kormendy, J.
Galaxy Bulges from z=0 to z=1 79 Balcells, M.
The Elliptical–Spheroidal and Elliptical–Elliptical Galaxy Dichotomies 87 Kormendy, J.
Stellar Populations and Mass-to-Light Ratios Throughout the Fundamental Plane 96 Graves, G. J.
Mapping the Galaxy with Photometric Surveys: Insights from SDSS and Future Prospects 103 Juric´, M.; Ivezic´, Z.
The Star Formation Histories of the M31 and M33 Spheroids 110 Brown, T. M.
M31’s Giant Southern Stream: Constraints on the Progenitor’s Mass, Phase, and Rotation 118 Fardal, M.; Guhathakurta, P.; Gilbert, K.; Babul, A.; Dodge, C.; Weinberg, M. D.; Lu, Y.
GALEX Observations of Disk and Bulge-Dominated Galaxies 123 Schiminovich, D.; GALEX Science Team
Galactic Bulges: the SAURON Perspective 131 Falcón-Barroso, J.; Peletier, R. F.; Bacon, R.; Cappellari, M.; Davies, R. L.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Emsellem, E.; Krajnovic´, D.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R. M.; Sarzi, M.; van den Bosch, R. C. E.; van de Ven, G.
The Properties of Local Barred Disks in the Field and Dense Environments: Implications for Galaxy Evolution 138 Marinova, I.; Jogee, S.; Barazza, F. D.; Heiderman, A.; Gray, M. E.; Barden, M.; Wolf, C.; Peng, C. Y.; Bacon, D.; Balogh, M.; Bell, E. F.; Böhm, A.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Häußler, B.; Heymans, C.; Jahnke, K.; van Kampen, E.; Lane, K.; McIntosh, D. H.; Meisenheimer, K.; Sánchez, S. F.; Sommerville, R. S.; Taylor, A.; Wisotzki, L.; Zheng, X.
Bars in Field and Cluster Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts 144 Barazza, F. D.; Jablonka, P.; EDisCS Collaboration
Detection of a Distinct Pseudobulge Hidden Inside the “Box-Shaped Bulge” of NGC 4565 149 Barentine, J. C.; Kormendy, J.
Simulations of Long-Lived Double-Barred Galaxies 153 Shen, J.; Debattista, V. P.
Beyond the Best-Fit Parameter: New Insight on Galaxy Structure Decomposition from GALPHAT 158 Yoon, I.; Weinberg, M. D.; Katz, N. S.
Analytical Galactic Models with Mild Cusps 163 Rindler-Daller, T.
A Shared Tully-Fisher Relation for Spirals and S0 Galaxies 167 Williams, M. J.; Bureau, M.; Cappellari, M.
The Morphological Type Dependence of K-band Luminosity Functions 171 Devereux, N.; Hriljac, P.; Willner, S. P.; Ashby, M. L. N.; Willmer, C. N. A.
Dynamical Models of the Dark Halo of Elliptical Galaxy NGC 6702 175 Forestell, A.; Gebhardt, K.
Stellar Velocity Profiles and Line-Strengths out to Four Effective Radii in the Early-Type Galaxy NGC 3379 179 Weijmans, A.; Cappellari, M.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Emsellem, E.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R. M.; van den Bosch, R. C. E.; van de Ven, G.
Part 2. History and Impact of Galaxy Mergers   
Merger History of Galaxies and Disk+Bulge Formation 197 Khochfar, S.
Galaxy Mergers and Their Impact over the Last 8 Gyr 204 Jogee, S.
Too Few to be Relevant: Major Merger Statistics up to z ∼ 1 212 López-Sanjuan, C.; Balcells, M.; Pérez-González, P. G.; Barro, G.; García-Dabó, C. E.; Gallego, J.; Zamorano, J.
Are Mergers so Good at Triggering Starbursts? 217 Robaina, A. R.; Bell, E. F.; Skelton, R. E.; McIntosh, D. H.; Somerville, R. S.; STAGES Collaboration
The Millennium Simulation Compared to Observations of z ≈ 2 Galaxies 223 Genel, S.
How Do Disks Survive Mergers? 228 Hopkins, P. F.
The Impact of Minor Galaxy Mergers 235 Cox, T. J.
Invisible Major Mergers: Why the Definition of a Galaxy “Merger Ratio” Matters. 243 Stewart, K. R.
Galactic Disk Transformation via Massive Satellite Accretion Events 248 Purcell, C. W.; Kazantzidis, S.; Bullock, J. S.
The Impact of Mergers on the Survival and Abundance of Disk-Dominated Galaxies 253 Koda, J.; Milosavljevic´, M.; Shapiro, P. R.
Galaxy Mergers in the A901/902 Supercluster with STAGES 257 Heiderman, A.; Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; van Kampen, E.; Barden, M.; Peng, C. Y.; Heymans, C.; Gray, M. E.; Bell, E. F.; Bacon, D.; Balogh, M.; Barazza, F. D.; Böhm, A.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Häußler, B.; Jahnke, K.; Lane, K.; McIntosh, D. H.; Meisenheimer, K.; Sánchez, S. F.; Sommerville, R. S.; Taylor, A.; Wisotzki, L.; Wolf, C.; Zheng, X.
Numerical Simulations of Hot Halo Gas in Galaxy Mergers 263 Sinha, M.; Holley-Bockelmann, K.
The Effect of Dry Mergers on the Color–Magnitude Relation 267 Skelton, R. E.; Bell, E. F.; Sommerville, R. S.
A Dynamical Miss: A Study of the Discrepancy Between Optical and Infrared Kinematics in Mergers 273 Rothberg, B.
Part 3. Star Formation   
CDM Substructure Problem and Star Formation in Dwarf Halos 283 Kravtsov, A.
Fossil Signatures of the Reionization Epoch in the Galactic Halo 290 Madau, P.
Star Formation Histories and Stellar Mass Growth out to z > 1 298 Noeske, K. G.
The Molecular Gas Content of Massive Spirals at z = 1.5 306 Daddi, E.
A Steep Faint-End Slope of the UV Luminosity Function at z∼2–3: Implications for the Missing Stellar Mass Problem 313 Reddy, N. A.
Submillimeter Galaxies 320 Blain, A. W.
Galaxy Star Formation in Different Environments 327 González, R. E.; Padilla, N. D.
The Chemical Evolution of Intermediate Mass Galaxies over the Last 8 Gyrs 331 Rodrigues, M.; Hammer, F.; Flores, H.; Puech, M.
The First Galaxies: Signatures of the Initial Starburst 335 Johnson, J. L.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.; Klessen, R. S.; Ippolito, J.
The First Stars: Disk Formation and Fragmentation 339 Stacy, A.; Greif, T. H.; Bromm, V.
Part 4. AGN and Stellar Feedback   
Missing Halo Baryons and Galactic Outflows 347 Davé, R.
The Impact of Feedback on Disk Galaxy Scaling Relations 355 Dutton, A. A.; van den Bosch, F. C.
Gravitational Heating, Clumps, Overheating 362 Birnboim, Y.
Empirical Evidence for Quasar Feedback 369 Tremonti, C.; Diamond-Stanic, A. M.; Moustakas, J.
Broad Absorption Line Quasars and Galaxy Evolution 376 Wills, B. J.
Identifying the Obscured Black-Hole Growth Phase of Distant Massive Galaxies 381 Alexander, D. M.
An Improved Black Hole Mass–Bulge Luminosity Relationship for AGNs 388 Gaskell, C. M.; Kormendy, J.
The Black Hole–Bulge Relationship for AGN at High Redshift 392 Shields, G. A.; Salviander, S.
Spectral Principal Component Analysis of SDSS Quasars: Beyond Eigenvector 1 398 Ludwig, R. R.; Wills, B.; Greene, J. E.; Robinson, E. L.
Bars in Starbursts and AGNs – A Quantitative Reexamination 402 Hao, L.; Jogee, S.; Barazza, F. D.; Marinova, I.; Shen, J.
Stellar Feedback: A Multiphase Interstellar Medium and Galactic Outflows 410 Ceverino, D.
The Environmental Impact of Galaxy Evolution 415 Rasmussen, J.; Ponman, T.
Back matter   
Author Index 425 Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; Hao, L.; Blanc, G.
Back matter 428
Conference Photos 999 Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; Hao, L.; Blanc, G.