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Paper: Galaxy Bulges from z=0 to z=1
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 79
Authors: Balcells, M.
Abstract: The last decade has seen an amazing transformation in our ideas about the central bulges of disk galaxies. We are probably only half-way through this change. In this talk I give an overview of three areas of my specific interest; all are presented as ingredients for further refining our concept of bulge. First, I discuss whether the inner few hundred parsec of disk galaxies do pertain to the bulge or to the disk. Second, I present results on colors of bulges and disks from the local Universe to z∼1: I will put emphasis on the fact that colors of bulges and inner disks are very similar. Third, I will use combined data on colors and central surface brightness to identify bulges growing inside disks at z∼1.0, and to conjecture that the descendants of these forming events may correspond to today’s so-called pseudo-bulges.
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