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Paper: The Impact of Feedback on Disk Galaxy Scaling Relations
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 355
Authors: Dutton, A. A.; van den Bosch, F. C.
Abstract: We use a disk formation model to study the effects of galactic outflows (a.k.a. feedback) on the rotation velocity - stellar mass mass - disk size, gas fraction - stellar mass and gas phase metallicity - stellar mass scaling relations of disk galaxies. We show that models without outflows are unable to explain these scaling relations, having both the wrong slopes and normalization. The problem can be traced to the model galaxies having too many baryons. Models with outflows can solve this “over-cooling” problem by removing gas before it has time to turn into stars. Models with both momentum and energy driven winds can reproduce the observed scaling relations. However, these models predict different slopes which, with better observations, may be used to discriminate between these models.
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