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Paper: Merger History of Galaxies and Disk+Bulge Formation
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 197
Authors: Khochfar, S.
Abstract: We discuss the transitions of galaxy morphologies within the CDM paradigm under the assumption of bulge formation in mergers and disk growth via cooling of gas and subsequent star formation. Based on the relative importance of these two competing processes it is possible to make predictions on the expected morphological mix of galaxies. In particular we here discuss the generation of massive disk galaxies with low bulge-to-total mass ratios. Our results indicate that it is difficult to generate enough massive disk galaxies with B/T < 0.2 via major mergers and subsequent disk re-growth, if during the major merger progenitor disks get disrupted completely. On average low B/T galaxies must have had there last major merger at z ≥ 2. The main limiting factor is the ability to re-grow massive disks at late times after the last major merger of a galaxy. Taking into account the contribution from minor mergers (4 ≥ M1 / M2, M1 ≥ M2) to the formation of bulges, we recover the right fraction of massive low B/T disk galaxies, indicating that minor mergers play an important role in the formation of massive low B/T disk galaxies.
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