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Paper: Galaxy Mergers in the A901/902 Supercluster with STAGES
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 257
Authors: Heiderman, A.; Jogee, S.; Marinova, I.; van Kampen, E.; Barden, M.; Peng, C. Y.; Heymans, C.; Gray, M. E.; Bell, E. F.; Bacon, D.; Balogh, M.; Barazza, F. D.; Böhm, A.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Häußler, B.; Jahnke, K.; Lane, K.; McIntosh, D. H.; Meisenheimer, K.; Sánchez, S. F.; Sommerville, R. S.; Taylor, A.; Wisotzki, L.; Wolf, C.; Zheng, X.
Abstract: We investigate galaxy mergers in the A901/902 supercluster at z ∼ 0.165, based on HST ACS F606W, COMBO-17, Spitzer 24 μm, XMM-Newton X-ray, and gravitational lensing maps, as part of the STAGES survey. We utilize two methods to identify interacting galaxies in A901/902: visual classification and quantitative CAS parameters. In this article, we summarize our results for the frequency, distribution, color, and star formation rates of mergers, compared to non-interacting galaxies in A901/902. We also compare our results to other studies of clusters and groups, as well as theoretical predictions.
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