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Paper: The Star Formation Histories of the M31 and M33 Spheroids
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 110
Authors: Brown, T. M.
Abstract: I review the observational constraints on the star formation histories in the spheroids of M33 and M31, the other two spiral galaxies in the Local Group. M33 does not possess a traditional bulge; instead, it has a small nuclear region hosting stars with a wide range of ages. The star formation history of the M33 halo is poorly constrained, but composite spectra of its halo globular clusters imply a wide age spread of 5–7 years, while the presence of RR Lyrae stars in the halo implies at least some of the population is ancient. Although it is possible to obtain the detailed star formation history of the M33 halo via deep photometry, this has not been done to date. M31 hosts a traditional bulge that is apparently dominated by stars older than 10 Gyr. Deep photometry of the M31 halo demonstrates that it hosts both a population of ancient metal-poor stars and a significant population extending to younger ages and high metallicity, apparently due to its active merger history.
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