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Paper: The Chemical Evolution of Intermediate Mass Galaxies over the Last 8 Gyrs
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 331
Authors: Rodrigues, M.; Hammer, F.; Flores, H.; Puech, M.
Abstract: We have gathered a representative sample of 88 intermediate mass galaxies at z∼0.6 and have provided robust estimates of their gas phase metallicity based on the strong line method R23. We have found that these galaxies have undergone a strong evolution of their metal content during the last 8 Gyrs. We confirmed the shift about ∼0.3 dex to lower abundance of the M-Z relation at z∼0.6 found by Liang et al. (2006). This result shows that the evolution of the gas phase is still active down to z=0.4 and that the close box model is not a valid scenario for local spiral progenitors.
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