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Paper: Bars in Starbursts and AGNs – A Quantitative Reexamination
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 402
Authors: Hao, L.; Jogee, S.; Barazza, F. D.; Marinova, I.; Shen, J.
Abstract: Galactic bars are the most important driver of secular evolution in galaxies. They can efficiently drive gas into the central kiloparsec of galaxies, thus feed circumnuclear starbursts, and possibly help to fuel AGN. The connection between bars and AGN activities has been actively debated in the past two decades. Previous work used fairly small samples and often lacked a proper control sample. They reported conflicting results on the correlation between bars and AGN activity. Here we revisit the bar-AGN and bar-starburst connections using the analysis of bars in a large sample of about 2000 SDSS disk galaxies (Barazza, Jogee, & Marinova 2008). We find that AGN and star-forming galaxies have similar optical bar fractions, 47% and 50%, respectively. Both bar fractions are higher than that in inactive galaxies (29%). We discuss the implications of the study on the relationship between host galaxies and their central activities.
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