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Paper: Stellar Velocity Profiles and Line-Strengths out to Four Effective Radii in the Early-Type Galaxy NGC 3379
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 179
Authors: Weijmans, A.; Cappellari, M.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Emsellem, E.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R. M.; van den Bosch, R. C. E.; van de Ven, G.
Abstract: We describe a new technique to measure stellar kinematics and line-strengths at large radii in nearby galaxies. Using the integral-field spectrograph SAURON as a ‘photon-collector’, we obtain spectra out to four effective radii (Re) in the early-type galaxy NGC 3379. By fitting orbit-based models to the extracted stellar velocity profile, we find that ∼40% of the total mass within 5 Re is dark. The measured absorption line-strengths reveal a radial gradient with constant slope out to 4 Re.
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