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Paper: A Shared Tully-Fisher Relation for Spirals and S0 Galaxies
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 167
Authors: Williams, M. J.; Bureau, M.; Cappellari, M.
Abstract: We measure the positions of the Tully-Fisher relations of a sample of 14 lenticular galaxies (S0s) and 14 spirals. We use two measures of rotational velocity. One is derived directly from observed spatially-resolved stellar kinematics and the other from the circular velocities of mass models that include a dark halo and whose parameters are constrained by detailed kinematic modelling. Contrary to the naive expectations of theories of S0 formation, we find no significant difference between the Tully-Fisher relations of the two sample when plotted as functions of both brightness and stellar mass.
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