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Paper: The Environmental Impact of Galaxy Evolution
Volume: 419, Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
Page: 415
Authors: Rasmussen, J.; Ponman, T.
Abstract: Galaxy evolution reveals itself not only through the evolving properties of galaxies themselves but also through its impact on the surrounding environment. The intergalactic medium in particular holds a fossil record of past galaxy activity, imprinted on its thermodynamic and chemical properties. This is most easily discerned in small galaxy groups, where the gravitational heating of this gas renders it observable by X-ray telescopes while still leaving its properties highly susceptible to the effects of galactic feedback. X-ray observations of the hot gas in groups can therefore provide a view of galactic feedback history that can complement dedicated studies of AGN and star formation activity at low and high redshift. Based on high-quality X-ray data of a sample of nearby groups, we present initial results of such a study and discuss some implications for the AGN and star formation history of the group members.
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